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I, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine.

Oh Gina, I guess that's why they call her snowball, it's like Animal Farm out here, the CIA's fingerprints are all over it.

No, Gina Rinehart should not be able to bully and pressure a gallery to remove an image of her likeness, not she should not be in a position where australian "sporting legends" and numerous other groups lobby for what she wants on her behalf.

The last week has been a fantastic reminder of how the world works.

The most flattering image of Gina in the room, is still the ugliest picture in the room, its the energy emanating out of her very being.

If you want the privacy you suddenly so desperately crave, maybe keep your dirty dealings where people can't see them.

You and your genocidal kin deserve the ridicule you get.

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Thank you comrade, its really appreciated

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