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Hello everyone! Thank you for being here, and thanks to every one of our members for supporting us.

It's only been 22 days since this community started, and we never stopped gaining momentum ever since! The friendly and sincere atmosphere you've all managed to create so quickly here, that's what originally made the internet a great place. You've all visited us from many different corners of the internet, and we've always stayed willing to put in time and effort as required. You swayed toxicity away and established attitudes & we put it into writing to define our rules and approach. We love working with you, as we should :) I hope you feel welcome here.

This week, we didn't change a lot of things. We had to replace two inactive moderators and add @Rooki & @Thekingoflorda to our team. They've been absolutely amazing and Rooki might just come with a gift for us soon ;)

We also added a new rule:

9-Reposts from other platforms are not allowed.

The previous Rule 9 is now number 10, so number 10 is not a new rule haha. That about sums up the past week. Oh, and we also banned two(3?) trolls. You can see them along with their deleted content on our mod log.

What change would you like to see in this community? Are you happy with the rules & management? Please feel free to let us know any suggestions & questions you may have in the comments.

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I swear to god, more and more I keep having 'clean' versions play on Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer - despite the song being marked as 'Explicit'.

And no, I definitely do not have the setting checked for only playing clean versions.

It's not just me - is it?


To clarify, I mean what's inside these towers circled in the picture?

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I'm missing something here. Admittedly, I'm making the assumption that blowing up hospitals is a bad thing to do.


M49, I tend to go a bit long between haircuts which is on me, but I seem to have a really hard time explaining that I want short hair, like 20mm / 3/4"

I usually ask for a #2 clipper on the back and sides, (which works fine), then take as much as they off the top so I can still brush it straight up, preferably too short to grab onto.

Basically a cigar butt with eyes, shut up it works for me.

Even indicating with thumb and finger, this somehow gets interpreted as just barely trimming the tips off and painstakingly shaping the surface, barely affecting the overall quantity of hair.

How's that for length?

What no, get in there with fire and the sword, wreak devastation, I want all of this gone.

:carefully trims another quarter inch off:

It's not just one guy, not just one place, so I am obviously using wrong and misleading words.

How do I ask for the thing I want?


You wouldn't start off an e-mail with "My Dear X", or "Dearest X", since that would be too personal for a professional email, so "To X" being more impersonal seems like it would make the letter more professional-sounding, compared to "Dear X".


I get pretty easy depressed watching TV shows with a depressing tone or a lot of character deaths or that. If its more in the background its generally fine, but things like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and The Boys are a lot for the moment. How does the new Fallout show compare?


Tried to research this but it only told me how to create one, not view it.

My problem is that anytime there is a long image, namely a scrolling screenshot, it is blurry and unreadable when I try to view it. This includes when I just zoom in as well as when I save the image to my own photos and try to view it from there.

So how am I supposed to do it? These (seemingly) aren't low quality images because it happens every time - on here, text messages, search results - and no one else ever says anything about it.

There are no issues viewing other types of images and my phone is updated.

Also, I'm on Android.


Used a couple of US recipes recently and most of the ingredients are in cups, or spoons, not by weight. This is a nightmare to convert. Do Americans not own scales or something? What's the reason for measuring everything by volume?


During the great migration, the trending communities was showing the latest being created. Nowadays, it seems to be a mix of new communities, and empty old communities.

I am not really sure how it's really working ? Does someone know ?


Also, is the base model Macbook still shipping with 8GB RAM? ;)


I live in the U.S., first off.

I was prescribed a narcotic following a minor surgery. I'm not going to say what kind of surgery that was and please don't ask. I'll just go ahead and say that the prescription was for hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-35. I'm worried about having been prescribed this because I know there's a state-wide electronic system used to monitor all prescriptions—accessible by all doctors, pharmacies, etc. anywhere else in my state—and I know that system is used to flag people for prescription drug abuse. I also know that medications like this are highly frowned upon by the healthcare system itself and even more so by the authorities. I assume it's entirely possible that I look suspicious according to that system now.

I've only taken a three pills so far, out of ten total. If I take the other seven back to the pharmacy to have them destroyed, they'll make a record of that, I would imagine.

What I mean is that I could just stop taking them now but never tell anyone that, and anyone looking at my medical history in the future would see that I picked up ten pills from the pharmacy, and that's all they would see, and so I took the entire script as far as they know; whereas if I take the other seven back, and they make another entry in their records about that, that's in effect like plus ten and then minus seven, and that way I would theoretically have three pills counted against my medical history instead of ten; right?

I could be way overanalyzing this, but frankly, I'm already terrified to take another one anyway. I honestly don't like how they make me feel, which is good, but it would be just my luck that I'd take one more pill and start liking it immediately. I know what happens to people who end up liking this stuff, and how easy it is to end up liking it; I've seen it. It's also that I'm still relatively young, and my health's already bad enough at this point as it is, that I already know they'll eventually put me in the ground with at least one major surgery, and I don't want to have to get through that with ibuprofen because I've already blown it.

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I've heard this sentiment that it is immoral a lot on the internet, and I would like to hear more about it. It feels intuitively correct to me, but I would like to hear the reasoning behind it.

Examples to further the title's meaning

  • Calling someone 'queer' to mean they are weird, but not in a way intended as disparaging to those who are LGBT(Q+).

Not Examples

Discussion questions:

  • How does this factor into meanings of words fading away?
    • Does it still pack the same "punch" after it no longer is commonly used as a pejorative?
      • If not, at what point is it generally considered okay to use?
  • How does this differ/compare with reclamation?

Some potential reasoning that I've thought of on my own, feel free to discuss.

  • Bad actors can piggyback off of the use as a negative to help condemn the original target group.
  • It may directly harm the group, by them (also knowing the original context) coming into contact with it and causing/enabling self-hate.
    • This may apply irregardless of if they know it was intended as non-disparaging to them or not, but this is just speculation based off of my similar experiences.


I apologize for any personal bias within this comment, I tried my best to limit it but I am fallible.

Though I would like a discussion in the comments, please refrain from insults and inflammatory statements towards your fellow lemmings, despite the hot topic. /srs

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I have the opportunity to maybe get a job as a software developer at a small software company that employs 14 people. But my gut is telling me that getting a job at a small company like that might he terrible. Do you guys have any experiences working at companies that small?

In my mind, I imagine the CEO would have a very large presence at the company and everyone would feel a lot of pressure to appease him. I imagine that the whole company would just be a boys' club. But I guess any company can be like that, so maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, and the size of the company isn't actually related to company culture?

Please let me know if you have any thoughts.

EDIT: The company has been around for two decades

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I was in ~80% zone. It wasn't 80% darker. It was maybe 25% darker.

Web searching that phrase just gives me times and such.

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When people post YouTube links.. is there a cool open source way to watch it on mobile without going through youtube? Because when I click on a YouTube link and I'm on my phone and it immediately gives me an ad it's pissing me off like in a huge way.. is there a way to bypass ads without an ad blocker on my phone


In the 19th century sword and gun duel were not that rare, think about Mathematician's Gallois death for example, it seems to be a thing of the past as the last duel occurred in the late 60's.

Politics also used to be pretty violent, with fascist leagues in the 30's and even after the war tons of pretty violent fight between political activist in the 60's and various armed group including full terrorist groups (RAF, ETA and more).

Without saying that today world is peaceful and today politics is "nice diplomacy" things seems pretty laid back simply compared to our parent era and let alone the 19th century.

I would have expected that people would take advantage of modern medicine to be more violent. A duel, or a street fight between political opponent would be way more survivable than it was 100 years ago, so how comes these stuff seems mostly from the past ?

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I feel like I see a fair amount of gaming laptops in the US but a majority of people seem to still game on desktop. I guess what I am looking for is a ratio of one versus the other otherwise a country like China might dominate on numbers alone.

When looking for searching online for this I was mostly coming across pros and cons lists. This isn't what I am after.


I've been trying to get my head around this and I've watched a few videos but they don't seem to specifically answer my question.

According to what I've found online, messages encrypted with a public key can only be decrypted with a private key. But in practice, how is that possible?

Surely a public key contains a set of instructions, and anyone could just run those instructions in reverse to decrypt a message? If everything you need to encrypt a message is stored within a public key, then how is it a one-way process?

It's likely that I'm misunderstanding a core element of this!


I have been reading a lot lately about not wearing outside shoes in the house and it interests me even more because I've been saving to re-carpet my whole house. It hits me every now and then about how to do things though, like, say I'm cooking all day on Sunday then need to take the trash out. I'm assuming it's change shoes, then say the grandkids stop by and want to go go for a bike ride? I'm assuming it's change shoes. I guess maybe what I'm asking is how many baskets by how many doors with how many pairs of slip-ons (both indoor and out) do I need?

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