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Double Standard (discuss.tchncs.de)
couldn't be me (lemmy.ml)
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Ich🤓iel (lemm.ee)
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KDE urges the European Commission restore #funding for free software through Next Generation Internet (NGI).

Read the open letter here:


#freesoftware #EU


thats crazy (lemmy.ml)
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one scoop? (i.imgur.com)
Concerning CrowdStrike (infosec.exchange)
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We are now at t+26h. Please compare how much we knew about the xz-attack after less than a day with what we know about the chain of events of giant outage yesterday.

If something similar had been caused by an OSS component, we would see congress discussing a ban on open software in critical infrastructure already.

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Museum (sh.itjust.works)
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I first learned of Street-Complete here and I really like it.

It's satisfying to walk around, complete little tasks, and get prizes, scratching a similar itch to Pokemon Go.

Stuck waiting for someone? Add opening hours for a few local businesses.

Have a long walk ahead of you? See if you can add/check house addresses as fast as you can walk.

Want to walk off a few beers before heading home? Complete some tasks in the bar street.

Its a very constructive way to "be right" on the internet.

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ich🌶🌰iel (feddit.org)
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"Lumpenproletariat" is exactly the kind of idea an educated German theorist would come up with in the wreckage of the industrial revolution and it's ridiculous to try to carry that notion forward to the age of cell phones and heavily armed maoist prostitutes and if anyone can't understand that you should throw grass at them until they stop being dorks because they're too far gone to touch it themselves.

Like ffs read even one anthro text about black market and grey market economies and stop treating The Man's legal system like anything but a criminal organization.

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In the worst-case scenarios that the Biden administration has quietly simulated over the past year or so, Russian hackers working on behalf of Vladimir V. Putin bring down hospital systems across the United States. In others, China’s military hackers trigger chaos, shutting down water systems and electric grids to distract Americans from an invasion of Taiwan.

Burgerlanders are so important that the seeseepee will make your toilet overflow to distract you from epic Slava Taiwani

Such a perfect encapsulation of liberal propaganda

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schocked pikachu

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Some of the new Reddit mods are so toxic. Instead of apologizing for the bot being too harsh and reinstating my submission, they just banned me because I dared to ask what exactly I didn't "punctuate correctly".

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My Privacy Setup (monero.town)
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Hi! 2 and 4 months ago @Hellfire103 and @Charger8232 made a post about their privacy setup. So I though I would also share mine.

Remember these rules:

  • Be respectful! Some people are early on in their privacy journey, or have a lax threat model. Just because it doesn’t align with yours, or uses some anti-privacy software, doesn’t mean you can downvote them! Help them improve by giving suggestions on alternatives.

  • Don’t promote proprietary software! Proprietary software, no matter how good it may seem, is against the community rules, and generally frowned upon. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask! This is a place to learn. Don’t downvote people just because they don’t know!

-** Don’t focus solely on me!** I want to mention that this thread is not designed to pick apart only my setup. The point is to contribute your own and help others. That doesn’t mean you can’t still give suggestions for mine, but don’t prioritize mine over another.

  • Be polite! This falls under “Be respectful”, but be kind to everyone! Say please, thank you, and sorry. Lemmy is really good about this, but there will always be someone.

Here is my setup:

Web browsing

  • I use Librewolf for almost everything.
  • For 3D stuff (games, 3d modelling) I use Brave.
  • On mobile I use Vanadium.
  • My preferred search engine is Kagi.
  • Most if the time I have MullvadVPN enabled.

Desktop and laptop

  • I have self-build Ryzen + Radeon PC and Ideapad with Ryzen CPU.
  • I use Arch Linux BTW!
  • I have disk encryption and Nitrokey as a decryption key (or a long password of course).
  • I have secure boot with locked BIOS.
  • I'm running self-compiled linux-hardened kernel.
  • I'm using Gnome (Wayland).
  • I have only open-source apps installed.


  • I have Google Pixel 7a with GrapheneOS.
  • I have different 5 profiles: main, google, school, finance, anonymous.
  • I have PIN on every profile and also fingerprint for main and school profiles.
  • I always use VPN, either Mullvad or self-hosted Wireguard.
  • I don’t use a privacy screen protector (for now).


  • Signal for my family.
  • Viber for my schoolmates.
  • MS Teams for school.
  • Matrix for help with some open-source projects.
  • Discord for voice chat and local scouts group. I have Aliucord on mobile and Armcord on desktop.

Online accounts

  • Passwords are safe in self-hosted Bitwarden (Vaultwarden).
  • I use 2FA if I can. Either hardware 2FA - Nitrokey, or TOTP with Aegis.
  • I use SimpleLogin for email aliases and randomly generated usernames and passwords.

Video streaming

  • I watch only Youtube. Newpipe on mobile and Invidious on desktop.


  • I do not use AI a lot, but if I do I use locally running LLama3 8B or Duckduckgo's LLama3 70B

Social Media

  • I had Instagram, Snapchat and Viber accounts, but I've deleted them.
  • I use only Lemmy on clearweb and Dread on darkweb.
  • I have Mastodon account, but I don't use it.


  • I use ProtonMail.
  • One of the best privacy things you can do is use SimpleLogin (or other email alias service).


  • IRL I use cash most of the time.
  • Online I use Monero if I can, otherwise just my credit card.
  • Cashew app for helping managing my purchases.

Music streaming

  • I use only RiMusic on my phone, that's it.

TV shows

  • I use a VPN, that's all I'm gonna say...


  • Minecraft, Veloren, SuperTuxKart, and some Steam games.


  • I forgot how to code in Python, because Rust is so much better.
  • VS Codium.


  • LibreOffice for simple stuff.
  • Typst for proper documents.

Paid services

  • ProtonMail - 4$ per month
  • SimpleLogin - 30$ per year
  • MullvadVPN - 5$ per month
  • Kagi - 10$ per month. For 5$ you get 300 searches, I use ~350 searches so I will try to lower my searches.
  • Domain - 13$ per year


  • Everything runs on Raspberry Pi 4 with encrypted micro SD card.
  • Pi-Hole for blocking ads on network level.
  • Bitwarden (Vaultwarden) for storing all my passwords.
  • Wireguard server (with pihole as DNS) for connecting back home from anywhere.
  • Ntfy for self-hosted push notifications.
  • MollySocket for Signal push notifications.
  • FindMyDevice if I lost my phone.
  • Cloudflare DDNS, because I don't have static IP.
  • Nginx Proxy Manager.
  • Watchtower automatically updates docker containers.
  • My website.


  • I have Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 classic. I'm trying to do something about it...
  • I'm using Syncthing to sync documents and pictures between my devices.
  • I don't have a car (because I can't - I'm 17) and I won't have one for quite some time. I have a bicycle and my parents have 2 (smart/spy) cars.
  • I'm into crypto (mostly XMR) and I'm trading a little (making a trading bot) on MEXC. I also have Ledger Nano S Plus.
  • I have a 3d printer and it's fun and usefull :)


  • self-host Git repos for my projects.
  • Buy a privacy screen protector when I break my current one.
  • Buy a faraday bag, just in case.
  • Do something about my spywatch (maybe sell).
  • Make backups... Yep, I don't have any yet.
  • Monitor and harden all my devices.
  • Memorize cryptowallet's private key in case it gets lost.

Thanks for reading!

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