Krita FTW (lemmy.ml)
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Just a friendly reminder example for all those people who only ever heard of GIMP and not wanting to let go of their Adobe products because they don't like GIMP. Krita deserves more wide spread attention. https://krita.org/en/features/

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I’m glad to announce v0.3.0 release!

The major feature of the new release is the implementation of complete file synchronization, i.e., the ability to send and receive files. To identify local changes, a periodical folder full scan is performed.

You can download ready-to-use binaries for Linux and Windows as well as the source code.

Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible synchronization program that implements BEP-protocol. Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible is written from the scratch software, which had different technical decisions on its foundation to overcome syncthing limitations. Syncspirit is available for Windows and Linux. Currently, Syncspirit is targeted at power users and early adopters who feel comfortable with command lines.

Any feedback is welcome!

WBR, basiliscos.

How to inspire someone (lemmy.dbzer0.com)

Hey community, I’ve got a friend about to graduate high school. He has had a bit of an uneven path in life, and I would like to help inspire him to focus on something in tech/programming/etc.

He is a smart kid, but doesn’t have a lot of good examples in his life. I think he believes his options are to just get a job at a restaurant or store.

I helped him build his first pc a few months ago. I tried to convince him to install Linux, but he was concerned it might be too complex for a computer he wanted to game on or do music editing. I didn’t push too hard. I know he has been doing a lot of modded games and stuff lately. And he seemed open to testing out Linux on old laptop.

He is smart and I would like to encourage him to either look into pc building or programming. But neither is my field, so I want to know what are good on ramps into programming and open source. What are Blogs, youtubes, or even should I recommend an associate degree at the local community colleges? (I would recommend full college degrees but I think he has some family situation which might make that hard).

All my knowledge feels like osmosis in the last year of being on Lemmy and now I have a Linux server with 20+ self hosted docker apps… but I realize I’m just hacking things together, not developing anything. I just want to show him there is another path he could pursue other than retail.

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I'm not the developer. I came across it and I thought it was neat.

Repository: github.com/GRA0007/crab.fit

Align your schedules to find the perfect time that works for everyone. Open-source and licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Self-hosting guide

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Defending Mastodon from Donald Trump's social media

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This blog post was posted two days before the discovery of the XZ utils backdoor. It shows the increasing popularity of Docker and NPM. Rust is not in this preview of their report, but all the crates used for compiling a Rust program bring in dependencies. Years ago, xkcd showed the problem already.

Syncthing v1.27.6 (github.com)
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Their project blog is dormant but these changes look like worth sharing.

v2.0.2 Latest Notable enhancements and fixes Fixed the locale loading in the admin panel Added OAuth2.0 support for the Etherpad API. You can now log in into the Etherpad API with your admin user using OAuth2


First of all I am very happy to announce the second major version of Etherpad. During the course of the last months we have updated all dependencies, cleaned up some of the old Etherpad code and converted most of the things to Typescript.

See the Enhancements part.

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Looking for a FOSS way to backup my encrypted Blueray disks so I can stream them with Jellyfin and not worry about the disks getting scratched.

Much like the linked post, I hope this thread serves as a snapshot or "state of the industry" as of April 2024.


Inspired by Apple's Airdrop

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Rsync 3.3.0 released (www.mail-archive.com)
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"Anything that can be written in Rust will eventually be written in Rust"

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**The purpose of this post is not to endorse the use of Reddit (), but rather to inform users of a privacy-friendly approach in case they need to utilize the platform.**

Redlib is a private front-end like Invidious but for Reddit.

  • 🚀 Fast: written in Rust for blazing-fast speeds and memory safety
  • ☁️ Light: no JavaScript, no ads, no tracking, no bloat
  • 🕵 Private: all requests are proxied through the server, including media
  • 🔒 Secure: strong Content Security Policy prevents browser requests to Reddit
  • Self-hostable

Redlib currently implements most of Reddit's (signed-out) functionalities but still lacks a few features.

Redlib Instances

(If a particular instance doesn't work, try others to see if they work)

URL Network Version Location Behind Cloudflare? Comment
https://safereddit.com WWW v0.31.0 🇺🇸 US SFW only
https://l.opnxng.com WWW v0.31.0 🇸🇬 SG
https://libreddit.projectsegfau.lt WWW v0.31.0 🇱🇺 LU
https://libreddit.bus-hit.me WWW v0.31.0 🇨🇦 CA
https://reddit.invak.id WWW v0.31.0 🇧🇬 BG
https://redlib.catsarch.com WWW v0.31.2 🇺🇸 US
https://reddit.idevicehacked.com WWW v0.31.0 🇺🇸 US
https://redlib.freedit.eu WWW v0.31.2 🇺🇸 US
https://redlib.perennialte.ch WWW v0.31.0 🇦🇺 AU
https://redlib.tux.pizza WWW v0.31.0 🇺🇸 US
https://redlib.vimmer.dev WWW v0.31.2 🇵🇱 PL
https://libreddit.privacydev.net WWW v0.31.0 🇫🇷 FR
https://lr.n8pjl.ca WWW v0.31.2 🇨🇦 CA
https://reddit.owo.si WWW v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE
https://redlib.ducks.party WWW v0.31.0 🇳🇱 NL
https://red.ngn.tf WWW v0.31.0 🇹🇷 TR
https://red.artemislena.eu WWW v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE Be crime do gay
https://redlib.dnfetheus.xyz WWW v0.31.0 🇧🇷 BR
https://redlib.cow.rip WWW v0.31.0 🇮🇳 IN
https://libreddit.eu.org WWW v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE
https://r.darrennathanael.com WWW v0.31.0 🇺🇸 US contact noc at darrennathanael.com
https://redlib.kittywi.re WWW v0.31.0 🇫🇷 FR
https://redlib.privacyredirect.com WWW v0.31.0 🇫🇮 FI
http://redlib.r4focoma7gu2zdwwcjjad47ysxt634lg73sxmdbkdozanwqslho5ohyd.onion Tor v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE
http://redlib.catsarchywsyuss6jdxlypsw5dc7owd5u5tr6bujxb7o6xw2hipqehyd.onion Tor v0.31.2 🇺🇸 US
http://libreddit.g4c3eya4clenolymqbpgwz3q3tawoxw56yhzk4vugqrl6dtu3ejvhjid.onion Tor v0.31.0 🇫🇷 FR
http://reddit.pk47sgwhncn5cgidm7bofngmh7lc7ukjdpk5bjwfemmyp27ovl25ikyd.onion/ Tor v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE
http://red.lpoaj7z2zkajuhgnlltpeqh3zyq7wk2iyeggqaduhgxhyajtdt2j7wad.onion Tor v0.31.0 🇩🇪 DE Onion of red.artemislena.eu
For information on instance uptime, see the Uptime Robot status page.


This section outlines how Redlib compares to Reddit in terms of speed and privacy.


Last tested on January 12, 2024.

Results from Google PageSpeed Insights (Redlib Report, Reddit Report).

Performance metric Redlib Reddit
Speed Index 0.6s 1.9s
Performance Score 100% 64%
Time to Interactive 2.8s 12.4s



Logging: According to Reddit's privacy policy, they "may [automatically] log information" including:

  • IP address
  • User-agent string
  • Browser type
  • Operating system
  • Referral URLs
  • Device information (e.g., device IDs)
  • Device settings
  • Pages visited
  • Links clicked
  • The requested URL
  • Search terms

Location: The same privacy policy goes on to describe that location data may be collected through the use of:

  • GPS (consensual)
  • Bluetooth (consensual)
  • Content associated with a location (consensual)
  • Your IP Address

Cookies: Reddit's cookie notice documents the array of cookies used by Reddit including/regarding:

  • Authentication
  • Functionality
  • Analytics and Performance
  • Advertising
  • Third-Party Cookies
  • Third-Party Site



  • Logging: In production (when running the binary, hosting with docker, or using the official instances), Redlib logs nothing. When debugging (running from source without --release), Redlib logs post IDs fetched to aid with troubleshooting.

  • Cookies: Redlib uses optional cookies to store any configured settings in the settings menu. These are not cross-site cookies and the cookies hold no personal data.

Settings and subscriptions are saved in browser cookies. Clearing your cookies will reset them. You can restore your current settings and subscriptions after clearing your cookies using the link given in the settings menu.

[TIP] 🔗 Want to automatically redirect Reddit links to Redlib? Use LibRedirect or Privacy Redirect!

Note: The above text presents an abridged and modified version of information found in the developer's documentation. Some context has been removed or altered for brevity. For the full and unmodified documentation, please see the original source.

Additional Information on Frontends from Privacy Guides

Sometimes services will try to force you to sign up for an account by blocking access to content with annoying popups. They might also break without JavaScript enabled. Frontends can allow you to get around these restrictions.

If you choose to self-host these frontends, it is important that you have other people using your instance as well in order for you to blend in. You should be careful with where and how you are hosting, as other peoples' usage will be linked to your hosting.

When you are using an instance run by someone else, make sure to read the privacy policy of that specific instance. They can be modified by their owners and therefore may not reflect the default policy. Some instances have Tor .onion addresses which may grant some privacy as long as your search queries don't contain PII.


It seems like the FOSS community is continuing to grow, and FOSS apps keep getting better (Immich reallh blew my mind recently), which is a big win 😎 but there are still many apps I use that I would kill for an open source alternative. I am curious what you guys think? Are there any apps you'd love alternatives for?


Hi there 👋, I’m Gerard, founder of Latitude.

I have written an article on how I approached building an open-source data tool. I had doubts about Python vs JavaScript, but I’m happy with the path I chose.

Would love it if you guys give me any feedback!


KStars 3.7.0 is Released (knro.blogspot.com)
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KStars is a feature-rich free astronomy software that caters to a wide-variety of use cases. Whether you are a student, an educator, an amateur astronomer or an astronomy enthusiast, you will find tools in KStars that are useful to you.



Breezy Weather is a free and open-source Android weather app, forked from Geometric Weather, adding new features, sources, modernizing code, fixing bugs, updating dependencies for security reasons, etc., while keep having a smooth user and developer experience in mind.


  • Weather data

    • Daily and hourly forecasts up to 16 days
      • Temperature
      • Air quality
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Precipitation
      • Feels like temperature
    • Hourly forecasts
      • Humidity / Dew point
      • Pressure
      • Cloud cover
      • Visibility
    • Precipitation in the next hour
    • Air quality
    • Pollen & Mold
    • Ephemeris (Sun & Moon)
    • Severe weather and precipitation alerts
    • Real-time weather conditions
      • Temperature
      • Feels like
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Humidity
      • Dew point
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Visibility
      • Cloud cover
      • Ceiling
  • Multiple weather sources

  • Large selection of home screen widgets for at-a-glance information

  • Live wallpaper

  • Custom icon packs

    • Geometric Weather icon packs
    • Chronus Weather icon packs
  • Automatic dark mode

  • Looking for radar? Check out this document

  • Free and Open Source

    • No proprietary blobs/dependencies (versions 5.0.0-alpha and later)
    • Releases generated by GitHub actions, guaranteeing it matches the source code
    • Fully works with Open-Meteo (FOSS source)
  • Privacy-friendly

    • No personal data collected by the app (link to app privacy policy)
    • Multiple sources are available, with links to their privacy policies for transparency
    • Current location is optional and not added by default
    • If using current location, an IP location service can be used instead of GPS to send less accurate coordinates to weather source
    • No trackers/automatic crash reporters

Note: If the link isn’t working for you or if you can’t find the app, update the default F-Droid repository in your F-Droid client.

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