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I'll recycle a discussion from the Francophone !forumlibre@jlai.lu link but obviously the answer were more focused on video game.

We're on a RPG community, so I expect to hear more about RPG and LARP, let's talk about made you feel "bleed"

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Indeed, when PvP is well done, it can lead to pretty amazing memories, the stakes aren't the same as the player aren't trying to let you win. So even though many people would call it a "red flag" it can also be a huge "green flag" and looks like that table was ready for it.

But you're right, having a short discussion about PvP and betrayal in session zero is worth it. Remember that even something as small as the cliché elves and dwarves teasing each other is a form of PvPcan end-up in a nightmare with the wrong player, while a full traitor within the PC but playing in a "play to lift" Mood can lead to some of the greatest experience.

Thanks for the comment, now I want to discuss the PvP option before my next campaign session zero.

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