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Off topic, but ownership is a hot topic here, right?

iFixit has petitioned the FTC to write standardized rules for right to repair. A federal ruling on what companies must do to respect your stuff. Your chance to inform policy is here.

Maybe you're thinking, "what difference can I make?" However, the FTC must read all comments that aren't marked as spam or copypasta. Now is your time. The request for comment period ends February 2nd, 2024.

There are less than 6 days left to make your voice heard. Tell the FTC what you think. Let them know about the hardships you've faced trying to fix your stuff. Bring up your concerns about the difficulty in repairing you phone or laptop. Rant about "you'll own nothing," if you like. They want to hear from you and they need ammunition to make the ruling stick.

Your voice matters. Make a difference, the chance comes very rarely. I shot my shot, now what about you?

Comment on Your Right to Repair.

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Right to Repair

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Whether it be electronics, automobiles or medical equipment, the manufacturers should not be able to horde “oem” parts, render your stuff useless if you repair it with aftermarket parts, or hide schematics of their products.

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