[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 69 points 10 hours ago

Now we've got those stupidly bright headlights instead.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 67 points 10 hours ago

very out of character for me


part of a years long pattern

That's not how that works, lady.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 4 points 12 hours ago

True. It's usually post offices and airports. The scale here does seem off.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 4 points 13 hours ago* (last edited 13 hours ago)

That's fair. Even still living is rare I suppose.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 8 points 17 hours ago

Random dude on the Internet thinking "hey, maybe..." That's fine. But the president should not be getting his ideas from Sharknado movies.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 8 points 17 hours ago

Hey man. What you and your civil partner do in private is up to you.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 19 points 18 hours ago

it would be incredibly hypocritical

Like they care.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 3 points 18 hours ago

Was it 95 that you could hit cancel at the log in screen and it would let you skip putting in a password?

Sure it looked pretty, but security was a disaster.

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 11 points 1 day ago

Two years. Right muskrat?

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 18 points 1 day ago

their platform is a tire fire.

Always has been

[-] AbidanYre@lemmy.world 121 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

Spoiler alert: it mostly involves shit-posting on Twitter and sexually harassing his employees.

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