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Pretty sure that's John Coffey.


Anyone else using the standard edition of DDDL having recent issues with the loss of Parameter access and other key features on Detroit / Freightliners?

First issue I ran into a while back was with replacing an ACM on one of our trucks. The ability to have the ACM programmed at FL, shipped to me and then resetting the Ash Accumulator at our shop was removed from the Standard DDDL software. After nearly a week of dealing with that shit, Detroit finally temporarily upgraded our software to the Professional version and still, the option to 'Replace ACM' is no longer available in the Standard edition.

Fast forward to now, I have a truck that I need to install fog lamps in. So, I need to turn on its Parameter options in the SAMCAB module. All of the parameters in the SAMCAB, SAMCHASSIS, MSF and ICU are no longer available in the Standard Edition software. This literally guts my ability to do many of my required duties at my job as a heavy truck mechanic. These were all modifiable parameters in Standard Edition in the fairly recent past. This really puts me at an unacceptable disadvantage for the work that I do. I'm turning a very significant amount of my outside labor time on work that requires me to have access to Parameters and Options. It's also killing the work I am able perform on our personal fleet trucks as well.

Are any of you mechanics facing this dilemma, as well? Or have any information that may be helpful in my situation? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

If this is posted in the wrong place, any idea where I might better post it? I haven't found any heavy truck threads on Lemmy, yet.

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This is the reason I always swim on my back..

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Harriet's 168th. birthday party with Steve Irwin.


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Because I have a "thing" about having those little floor-crunchies on my feet. Floating flooring is nice, but every little thing lays right on top of it.. So instead of constantly dusting the bottoms of my feet off on my calves, I just throw on some house shoes. Freshly cleaned floors excepted.

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Wide range, there. I love it!

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Hahaaaa!! Fuck, I didn't catch that shit!! Too fuckin funny to edit.. Touche, s0x..

I've never typed Panera... Yet my dictionary has that shit over Pantera... This world has gone to shit... Fuck em all.

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Gotta be Moonlight Sonata...

Maybe the Live 101 Proof version of Panera's "War Nerve"

Or Freebird, maybe?

Stubborn Love or Angela, by the Lumineers?

Fuck.. Depends on the day, but I'll always go back to Moonlight..

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Kuntz. Yep, said like That... As in Rusty Kuntz. Best baseball name in history:


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That's true... And what I was (jokingly) referencing..

But, my Dad's mother, my Granny...

She was a natural Lefty...

And musically inclined...

Her Daddy slacked the strings on the family guitar before he left for work...

She figured out how to tune that instrument..

Those in her church, later, made fun of her for playing backwards chords, because she was a lefty. .

She learned to play the other way, too... And she taught me both..

There's so many sides and nuances to every thought in our lives..

It was a harmless joke, but it has roots in my reality..

This shit is so often much deeper than we think..

You made a fuckin hell of a statement, but it's without context or understanding..

I was just making an off-handed joke...

There is a fucking shitload of lefties in baseball... Because it fucks with the righties when they're batting...

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Some days are just.. Right...

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