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I miss my T420 that’s a great laptop

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These cards have to be a joke right?!?!?

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It’s the one I use along with Trello. Not gonna be a fan favorite for Selfhosted though

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As someone who for the first time did not vote in 2016. I started voting in the Bush era. I fully agree, no action leads to fascism apparently. Don’t do what I did because I was pissed that Bernie was cheated out of the nomination. Vote or Trump will be back in office.

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Eh I doubt Colorado would block water rights to CA. AZ and UT are kind of the wild cats. I would expect them all to just let it keep flowing because someone up stream of them could do the same. It’s kind of like having nukes and having alliances.

But is the same sort of thoughts when I lived in the Great Lakes area. It was thought to be a good area for dirty bombs and to pollute the hell out of it because it feeds the rest of the country’s water.

Was always told The Perry nuclear power plant was a target because of that

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Right!!!! I want my damn home button back

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I complained for Bernie and was big mad about the contested convention and how it’s screwed him. If we got Bernie we would not be in this situation

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Wow! I just use an alt for my shit posting and likes. Guess my raciest uncle hasn’t figured that out yet thankfully.

This platform is dying a slow slow death. Really wish more people where on Mastodon

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Here I am playing games from the 90s and 00s. Crazy that Quake III and Unreal Tournament are still active.

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Great distro! I ran Lunar Linux so Source Mages sister from the fork of Sorcerer Linux. Lunar I know is still going and updating. Need to drop into their IRC channel for support and what not. Wonder if Source Mage is still kicking. Amazing how great the bash scripts were to run it all. I feel like if they added binary support they would get a lot more traction

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My liver will never recover from todays game

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