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The hotel was very expensive but in many ways was a cheapened experience. There were lots of little details that were not thought through. The entire video serves as a criticism of some of Disney's recent pricing strategies in general. In particular the fact that Disney is expensive and has been adding additional paid services beyond the price of the ticket that feel like they are required to maximize your efficiency.

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Because you're blaming the kids but 75% of the users aren't kids

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Hahaha this had me losing it for some reason

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This shows an almost perfectly even distribution across all age groups ...

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Better be including all ages then because everyone is on that thing.

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Wait the colors are different and so is the order

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Yeah as a boy I didn't like these either. They were sexy but made me feel a little weird. I was young enough not to realize it was targeting only boys, but now that I'm older I think that's why I didn't like them. I wasn't in to sex at the time.

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Gen Z is also more compassionate than we were at that age, they know about things like consent and when someone is uncomfortable but not verbally expressing it. They also stabilize in the job market as they age up.

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Doesn't even have to be the sole reason to be a money killer. WoW, CS2, LoL, Dota. All free to play because if you milk them for $1 for something small it still makes more money than the base game.

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We as gamers who want this are completely outdone by the insane amount of money some people will spend in this market. Change my mind.

PS. I hate the DLC and micro transaction market as they exist today. But they make 1000x the old market so no way anything changes.

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Yes we have a serious problem with that. I'm not sure what that has to do with a large threat like 9/11 though. We lost 3000 Americans in a day. We can discuss that without having to bring in every problem at once.

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Right but this is preorder. How often does a preorder break even for Apple? How does this income compare to the size of normal preorders?

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High winds from a hurricane fed fires in Maui, HI. A fire swept through Lahaina Town. Once the capital of Hawaii this place was really popular with tourists and locals. I can't believe the amount of destruction that happened in less than 12 hours.

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Is there an easy place to see upload limits? Thank you!


Is there a dedicated place for it yet? I'd love to contribute posts but I'm just not sure where to put them yet. Thanks in advance!

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