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I liked the quote until I started to think of the negative parameters of such a saying. It comes down to who is saying it < their intention.

'I was born against my will and I will die against my will. So please let me at least live like I want to.' - Ted Bundy


'I was born against my will and I will die against my will. So please let me at least live like I want to.' - Betty White

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Tis nippy at times (i.imgur.com)
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Supreme Remembrance (i.imgur.com)
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Office Space

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So you drink 'wine' that is less than a year old? A bit odd imo.

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Pregame (i.imgur.com)
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Personal days are important too. I tend to find that my body and mind are trying to tell me something if I'm having difficulty being productive beyond the norm.

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They compare the improvised version to the original song at the end.

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Oh boy! What a rarity it is to see a The Expanse meme online. And one that is centered around billionaires?!

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The irony is that there might have been a fair amount of replies to this, but people bailed on them. I guess we'll never know.

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What the heck is this for and what does it mean?

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PSA: Trailers are made to look amazing. The actual gameplay is the most important content when judging if a game is worth following. But even gameplay can and has been removed or changed before a videogame is released. But most importantly...

DO NOT BUY PRE-ORDERS OR FIRST DAY BUYS!! The videogame industry has shown time and time again that they "will have to patch the game AFTER the game release, to actually make it a full and functional videogame" Give it time. You might just save yourself a headache and the loss of $40-$70.

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"Please know that as users, you are what makes this platform what it is, and damned we be if we ever forget it."

A lesson u/spez forgot.

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Please don't give the crazy nuts of the internet misinformation. The amount of gullible people on the internet is too high as it is.

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Holy shit. I haven't seen a Pedo Bear meme in 9 years. What a time to be alive!

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