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The thread was originally https://lemmy.world/comment/1305111, though I'm viewing it from lemm.ee

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What could be causing this? It's kinda funny but also just a bit confusing.

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Damn, OP didn't personally craft this meme, and actually found it somewhere else? I am shocked.

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Nice. Probably won't work, but I appreciate that their parents have the ingenuity to come up with stuff like this.

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Congratulations to Nepal. Though this ruling isn't perfect, it sets up a road to eventual full marriage equality, which is a really good thing. Hopefully other nations in the region soon follow, I'm happy to see news like this even as other nations backslide into more extreme conservatism.

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It looks like that's a Voyager instance. Voyager is open source, so Lemmy instances are free to host a Voyager instance as an alternate frontend. The main Voyager instance can support any Lemmy instance, but here it's only for lemmy.world.

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In all honesty, I can see your comments from lemm.ee. I wonder if lemmy.world is back up now.

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Damn, hackers are being really uncool towards lemmy.world. Hopefully some good can come from this and they can implement robust security systems that help protect Lemmy instances from these types of attacks.

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Finally, we found Zuckerberg's true form.

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The app developer wanted a new and more serious name for the app and Voyager got the most support on a handful of community posts.

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Vibe check failed.

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Just for reference, Voyager is the new name for the app that used to be called wefwef. As such, wefwef.app and vger.app are both pointing to the same thing.

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He's a little confused, but he's got the spirit. I love when cats have personality quirks like this, makes them more interesting.

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