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Yeah, and NT was pretty much just a corporate and government thing throughout the 90s. It wasn't until XP that home users got it on the desktop, and even then, the first user created automatically had all admin rights, because people were still used to the Win9x/DOS way of doing things. Separation of different accounts with different privilege levels wasn't a widespread practice up until maybe Windows Vista.

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Yeah but...most people's grandparents aren't going to be riding rockets. This isn't sustainable for widespread access to space.

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Oh yeah, there are advantages to each, despite the bickering and camps we put ourselves into. It all comes down to what abilities you're gonna lose, and what you're gonna gain when making the decision.

For me, I rarely game, and I do a lot of hobby electronics and programming, so Linux is a good fit. There's so many cool open source programmer utilities out there.

For my wife, it fits not so much.

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We gotta figure out a better way than strapping ourselves to a continuously exploding bomb and pulling some serious Gs for 8 minutes.

Wonder how some of those SSTO space plane projects are doing...there was a British one I can't remember. Used hybrid air-breathing scramjets, switching to internal oxidizer once it was going fast and high enough.

Edit: here is is and I was mistaken it's not a SCRAMjet https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skylon_(spacecraft)

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I guarantee, most new users coming to Linux from Windows/macOS are going to laugh and look at you funny if you try to justify entering your password again and again and again.

That's nice, but this ain't MacOS or Windows. This is Linux.

Sorry but 20 years of "but this isn't exactly like Winders11!!!one!" starts to grate on me. It's a different OS with a different philosophy and a different workflow. Everbody coming from Windows had to learn to deal with the nuances of that OS as well, nuances they've completely forgotten about because it's second nature.

I don't WANT Linux to be exactly like MacOS and Windows. I want it to stand on its own, with its own ideas on how to run a computer.

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Put your money where your mouth is and open source the Tesla software. Do it. I fuckin' dare ya.

Edit: we want Falcon 9's landing guidance software too.

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I'm sure the FBI and Secret Service are doing some overtime today too.

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Switched in 2002...because I wanted to fuck with web dev and IIS sucks donkey nads. LAMP stack good, IIS/ASP/MSSql bad.

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For me it doesn't really "fix" anything that I can notice. All my games and software work fine in x11, video works fine. It may be a giant convoluted beast from the 1980s, but damn if they didn't do a good job of keeping it running well on modern machines.

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I mean, you wouldn't buy a sports car and then a month later post to a forum asking questions about how to tow a 40 foot camper with it, would you? You would research this stuff beforehand, or deal with the fact that it's not compatible for that job. We can't put Nvidias thumbs into a thumbscrew and force them to offer more Linux support, so that's what we're stuck with.

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