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Great point. I hope you are right.

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I personally thoroughly enjoyed (negatively) "reviewing" him with one of those political bots. It won't change his or anyone else's mind on literally anything, but at least I got my feelings out 😆

Still holding my nose in November though🤢

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You bring up an excellent point that I hate very much

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The reddest state in the land

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I'm aware. That doesn't mean you actually get healthcare though. Most places won't take it. Those that do either have long waiting lists or won't actually give decent treatment. It's rare if not impossible to find a decent provider that takes Medicaid in my area, even just for primary care.

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But Medicaid doesn't mean healthcare (sadly)

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It's interesting that even now whenever there are major fires or explosions officials continue to make claims that the air is safe. I feel like out of everything that's happened in the US that 9/11 would have taught us about the dangers of fires and explosions...but here we are. (I would have said everything that's happened in the world but we all know that the US doesn't learn anything from international events)

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True...but that was still decades ago

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For the people with no desire to click:

Votes for:

  • Baxley
  • Boyd
  • Brodeur
  • Broxson
  • Burgess
  • Burton
  • DiCeglie
  • Garcia
  • Hooper
  • Hutson
  • Rodriguez
  • Simon
  • Yarborough
  • Perry, VICE CHAIR
  • Mayfield, CHAIR

Votes against:

  • Book
  • Jones
  • Osgood
  • Rouson
  • Torres
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I'm very confused that this is happening now. I thought it happened a long time ago (them being found liable I mean). It's crazy to me that it's taken this long for such a pitiful punishment. It is good though that people are being reminded once again how shitty they are. Maybe we can impact their bottom line somehow (doubtful)

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Nice! Thanks so much!

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Thanks for your help. Just wanted to tell you I ended up with that full edition and got Roller Coaster Tycoon working! It is absolutely atrocious without a mouse but it does work lol. I remembered the graphics much differently than they actually are 😆



I am trying to run Win98 games using Retroarch 1.19.1 on Android 14. I am trying to play either Restaurant Empire or Roller Coaster Tycoon currently, but am also interested in other games from that time.

I have looked at other sites which recommend using DosBox-Pure. I have also tried the core and SVN versions.

Nothing happens in the core and SVN versions except to say that the file cannot be run in Dos mode. When using Pure, roller coaster tycoon shows a list of exe files, but restaurant empire doesn't register any exe files. If I try to start any of roller coaster tycoon's files it says that it cannot be run in Dos mode.

Other sites said you have to install Win98 SE, which I tried but can't seem to get it to work on Android, even though there are some folks that were able to make it happen. I got it to the screen where it says to continue with setup press enter, but when I press enter on the onscreen keyboard nothing happens (esc does nothing either).

Here are the links where I got the iso files:

I also downloaded the boot disc from the Win98 link (the 7z file) but it says no executable file found.

I am not super knowledgeable about retro gaming so any assistance is helpful. (I have had success with a few games using other cores within Retroarch as well as the Dolphin emulator)


Political flier with a photo of Trump on the right side and various warning symbols throughout the text. There is a watermark on the flier that appears to be an eagle similar to other US symbols containing eagles. The text reads: VOTER ALERT. We see you haven't voted yet. Your voting record is public... Your neighbors are watching you and will know if you miss this critical runoff election. We will notify President Trump if you don't vote. You can't afford to have that on your record. Our Republican values are at stake in this election. 1) Border Security, 2) Property Taxes, and 3) Parental Empowerment. VOTE EARLY before the deadline this Friday, May 24th at 7:00pm or VOTE ON ELECTION DAY Tuesday, May 28th. NOTICE: We will contact you after the election to make sure you voted!

Note: some slight edits have been made in the image description to aid in readability by screen readers. Specifically, the values listed have been enumerated for clarity and the specific symbols used as warning symbols have not been explicitly described. Additionally, some of the text formatting has not been carried over in this description. For example, the title (VOTER ALERT) is in large white text over a red banner at the top of the flier. It is my hope that leaving these particular descriptions out will aid in understanding the flier itself; however, should anyone prefer a description of these formatting choices I will be glad to attempt it.


Tried to research this but it only told me how to create one, not view it.

My problem is that anytime there is a long image, namely a scrolling screenshot, it is blurry and unreadable when I try to view it. This includes when I just zoom in as well as when I save the image to my own photos and try to view it from there.

So how am I supposed to do it? These (seemingly) aren't low quality images because it happens every time - on here, text messages, search results - and no one else ever says anything about it.

There are no issues viewing other types of images and my phone is updated.

Also, I'm on Android.


I have never seen this before. Usually once I click my preferences the screen just goes away. What's the difference between those websites and this one?

Frito Lay Rold Gold pretzels website


Context: I drive a 15+ year old SUV, and I am no longer in the position to just replace everything should anything bad happen. So sadly I will have to buy a newer car at some point. Hopefully not anytime soon 🤞🏼🤞🏼 But, I noticed when shopping with other people that newer cars sound weird. My knowledge of car troubleshooting is little more than sounds good/sounds bad, looks good/looks bad, smells good/smells bad, feels good/feels bad.

So, how are newer cars supposed to sound?

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I am (very, very early) in the process of degoogling. I am definitely not a high risk as far as needing to be completely locked down. It's more about trying to have a little more control over how my data is used.

I am looking at Graphene OS, but I am a little confused how certain apps (that rely on Google services) work. I have a Pixel 8 and will have it for the foreseeable future.

The apps I currently use that I would still need (or their equivalents) are:

  • Clash Royale (Supercell)
  • Notion (Notion Labs)
  • Clickup (Mango Technologies)
  • Business Calendar 2 (Appgenix)
  1. If I installed these exact apps "sandboxed", what exactly does that mean from a user standpoint? Will I have to use a separate account, reboot my phone, etc, or is it a quick process to use the app?

  2. Is there a list of apps that I could browse to find equivalents to the above? Recommendations here are also ok.

  3. I saw that Firefox isn't exactly private(?) and that Vanadium is better in that aspect but I don't understand why. Can someone ELI5, and help me see if this is a relevant concern for me?

Thank you! 😁


These are the items in question:


One of my more terrible ones is,

"Well, the man sure can limbo, right under the bar that [political opponent] set."


I am wanting to sell a used adult bike with some accessories (a camelbak and a helmet). I don't think the bike is worth much but the bicycle blue book doesn't list this brand (genesis from walmart) and other calculators are pricing it at $50+ even in poor condition (not ridden much, tires need to be replaced). I don't think it cost more than $180, if that, when I bought it 4 years ago.

If anyone could point me in a good direction I would be grateful.

I am in the USA.

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