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From the article - they believe eating fast food should be cheaper than eating at home, but isn't. What kind of fucked up belief is this? No wonder they view fast food as a luxury.

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'...voluntary mandatory shift coverage.'

Someone should be gifted a dictionary for Supervisor Appreciation Day.

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The screw head was at tho bottom of a 2 inch shaft. I destroyed the casing just to find out what the issue was.


Basic blender went bad (motor ran but spindle wasn't rotating). I wanted to disassemble to see if it could be repaired. Three of the four screws were Phillips head. I had to cut the casing open in order to discover why I couldn't unscrew the fourth. It was a slotted spanner.

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You can tell it's fake because his hands are normal-size

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There is an old fable that tells of two Asian monks walking down a dirt road and they came to a stream. At the stream there is an imperious woman of noble birth waiting impatiently for her carriage to be freed frob the muddy bank so that she can continue on her journey. She turns to the the monks and shouts at them to carry her across the stream. The younger monk freezes in uncertainty because their vows forbid them to touch a woman. The older monk approaches the woman and offers to carry her on his back. The entire trip across the stream she is shouting orders and complaining about his efforts. When they reach the other side she turns from him, ignoring him completely and turns her attention to continuing on her way. The older monk continues on his journey and the younger monk follows. They are silent for hours, the younger monk becomes more and more enraged at their treatment by the noble woman. Finally, he says to his companion, "Aren't you angry at that woman because of her treatment of you when you carried her across the stream?" The older monk replies without breaking his stride, "I put her down hours ago."

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You can always count on the NY Post to distort the truth to get some really juicy headlines. He is charged with pandering (attempting to pay for sex). Not human trafficking, although it was a human trafficking sting operation.

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And if it turns out that the accusation Hamas was using the basement as a command post is true, is that the new bottom?

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Actually, Karl Marx.

Just like the photo of Mao Tse-Tung, the credit listed for the quote is unrelated

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I don't know if it's the greatest, but Ice Pirates is too often overlooked.

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Pursuit of happiness is not mentioned in the Constitution.

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Ignaz Semmelweis tried to convince the medical establishment that washing hand stop'the spread of disease in hospitals. His colleagues responded that doctors are gentlemen and gentlempdo not have dirty hands. Semmelweis was committed to a mental institution soon after and died from an infection as a result of a beoti'he received from institution workers. A few decades later the four humors school of medicine was replaced with diseases caused by microorganisms.

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