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Spying from within public educational institutions feels rather counterintuitive. Chinese students weren't getting security clearance anyway, so the only goal of their research is to be published in publicly viewable journals or conferences. This is a witch hunt.

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I thought that the Philippines were explicitly denied the Spratly Islands in their treaty for independence with the US because the Philippines did not hold sovereignty over the Spratlys when they were a Spanish colony? I can understand China and Vietnam's conflicting claims, but the Philippines sounds like they're ignoring the first rule of UNCLOS: UNCLOS does not resolve issues of sovereignty and does not supercede existing sovereignty claims.

The Filipino claim on the Spratlys is completely nonsensical. By the same argument, Kinmen should also be Chinese. It's stupid, insane, and just an opportunity to deflect from the very real territorial dispute between China/Taiwan and Vietnam.

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David Cameron is in support of genocide.

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The New York Times is one of the newspapers of record for the United States. However, it's history of running stories with poor sourcing, insufficient evidence, and finding journalists with conflicts of interest undermines it's credibility when reporting on international issues and matters of foreign policy.

Late last year, the NYT ran a story titled 'Screams Without Words': How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7. Recently, outlets like The Intercept, Jacobin, Democracy Now! , Mondoweiss, and others have revealed the implicit and explicit bias against Palestine that's apparent both in the aforementioned NYT story and in the NYT's reporting at large. By obfuscating poor sources, running stories without evidence, and using an ex-IDF officer with no journalism experience as the author, the NYT demonstrates their disregard for common journalistic practice. This has led to inaccurate and demonstrably false reporting on critical issues in today's world, which has been used to justify the lack of American pressure against Israel to the American public.

This journalistic malpractice is not unusual from the NYT. One of the keystone stories since the turn of the century was the NYT's reporting on Iraq's pursuit of WMDs: U.S. SAYS HUSSEIN INTENSIFIES QUEST FOR A-BOMB PARTS, Defectors Bolster U.S. Case Against Iraq, Officials Say, Illicit Arms Kept Till Eve of War, An Iraqi Scientist Is Said to Assert. These reports were later revealed to be false, and the NYT later apologized, but not before the reporting was used as justification to launch the War on Iraq, directly leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands and indirectly causing millions of death while also destabilizing the region for decades.

These landmark stories have had a massive influence on US foreign policy, but they're founded on lies. While stories published in the NYT do accurately reflect foreign policy aims of the US government, they are not founded in fact. The NYT uses lies to drum up public support for otherwise unpopular foreign policy decisions. In most places, we call that "government propaganda."

I think reading and understanding propaganda is an important element of media literacy, and so I'm not calling for the ban of NYT articles in this community. However, I am calling for an honest discussion on media literacy and it's relation to the New York Times.

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We have examined exclusive Al Jazeera video filmed close to that second location at the rear of the convoy, about half a kilometre south of the roundabout.

Volleys of gunfire can be heard and people are seen scrambling over lorries and ducking behind the vehicles. Red tracer rounds can be seen in the sky.

Mahmoud Awadeyah said the Israeli vehicles had started firing at people when the aid arrived.

"Israelis purposefully fired at the men... they were trying to get near the trucks that had the flour," he said. "They were fired at directly and prevented people to come near those killed."

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And yet the mods remove posts about the Polish and Estonia PMs warning about future Russian aggression... Interesting.

Some might even say... Propaganda.

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go on a hike


return to car, get detained, end up in prison

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South Africa's case is rock solid. If the ICJ rules against it, it'll be on a technicality.

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Ceasefire Now. Not tomorrow, not after the ICJ case, not after the Red Sea has been cleared. Now.

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Israel understands the first rule of international politics: you can do whatever you want so long as a global superpower has your back.

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But but but IDF propagandists told me that Palestinians living in Israel are treated as equals!

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Honestly, people should just learn to travel off-peak. A lot of the big tourist hotspots feel so peaceful in the winter.

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lmfao good

fuck golf

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