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basically all beginner centric tutorial markers, including brackeys, have been criticized for oversimplifying the concepts they talk about and making inflexible/ridiculously unoptimized code, although i can't comment on it myself.
Acerola has an interesting video on the subject if you're interested.

don't know about the Godot video, i haven't watched it yet

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bumblebees are very accurately named actually:
clumsy bees video

(there's supposed to be sound but the controls don't show up for me on voyager :'3 heres the raw link https://files.catbox.moe/ala6a3.mp4)

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Mars atmosphere is just really light, so we need something a bit heavier than jazz

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official programming language of the queer agenda!

~thigh highs and estrogen not included~

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also doubles as an electrical fire generator, very versatile

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this and many others are the powers of leaving

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the people who think that "no response" = win aren't going to engage with what you post regardless, why take the time to respond to someone who categorically will not listen or care?

if you have a comeback that will leave them shitting and pissing or that you think will cause onlookers to slightly chortle then by all means go ahead, i love a good joke, especially ones directed at cunts, but make sure that it remains just a joke. that you're not checking your notifications half-hoping that some rando on the other side of the planet left a brand new reply for you to epically pwn.
speaking from experience it is not a worthwhile use of anyone's time


for your own sanity, use the damn block button.
don't engage trolls or provocateurs, block them and move on.
if you're on here you probably don't like algorithmic feeds, guess what not having one means? The block button actually fucking does something! so use it to moderate your experience.

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a chimp can rip your nose off, if an ape-thing starts sprinting at you you sprint in the opposte direction. frankly if you take the time to check for an erection you're already fucked regardless

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one will protect you the other will try to kill you

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once-ler: from the 2012 The Lorax movie, became a tumblr sexyman in the past and is now regarded as the posterboy for a very particular era of tumblr "cringe".

bill cipher: antagonist from the 2012 animated tv series "gravity falls"

alastor: character from the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel, his character design looks kinda like op

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tumblr fit rating (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

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fit ruleting

tried my best to make it readable but image editing on a phone is hell

fit ruleting (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

tried my best to make it readable but image editing on a phone is hell


like if i post on a community in instance A and my instance goes down will people still see the post?

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that you're willing to share obviously

apex predator (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

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eyes are the window to the rule


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adherence to the rule is the 4th law of robotics


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King Charles the Third, Ghoul of the Rotting Empire

From here

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From here

Pants the Raven (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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A post from tumblr user gorjee-art:
"a raven father (i call him 'pants') I've been feeding sometimes likes to sit outside my window and either wait for more food or just listen to the stuff I'm watching while I draw. Today's a colder day so he likes to fluff up a bit, and I kid you not:
[a drawing of a crow with feathers so puffed up they look like pants]
this is an accurate representation of my view"
[two pictures of the raven, one almost identical to the drawing and one where the raven is slightly less puffed up]
"Pants sure is pantsing today"

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