Oregon has officially become the seventh state (behind New York, California, Massachusetts, Colorado, Maine, and Minnesota) to pass “right to repair” legislation, making it easier and m…

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[-] ColeSloth@discuss.tchncs.de 0 points 3 months ago

It's still got several bullshit or weird exemptions in the bill.

It doesn't cover medical devices, farm equipment, anything that runs on an internal combustion engine, video game consoles, and....electric toothbrushes.

Not including the farm equipment, game consoles, and anything with an engine is total sellout bullshit.

[-] TheHobbyist@lemmy.zip 1 points 3 months ago

You're right. I think we should mostly take the stance of "look what great progress we made" while also remembering "the fight isn't over, let's keep pushing!"

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Right to Repair

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Whether it be electronics, automobiles or medical equipment, the manufacturers should not be able to horde “oem” parts, render your stuff useless if you repair it with aftermarket parts, or hide schematics of their products.

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