“Washington accuses China of producing too many goods and demands "free market" policies. But the US government is spending trillions on industrial policy to protect its own manufacturing sector. Ben Norton details the hypocrisy of the "overcapacity" allegations: the latest strategy in the US economic war on China.”

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"The challenges that are still facing Xinjiang."


“Iran launched drones targeting Isr@el, triggering interceptor missiles and sirens in several areas across southern Isr@el and Jerusalem from Saturday night, Isr@el's military said. The U.S. and its allies shot down an unspecified number of Iranian drone aircraft headed toward Isr@el on Saturday. Several Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, have suspended flight operations in their airspace amid an Iranian drone attack on Isr@el. Isr@el has been on heightened alert over the past few days following Iranian threats in response to the killing of seven Iranian officers in its consular building in Damascus, Syria, in April, which was carried out by Isr@el, according to Iran.”

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“A combined attack of dozens of ballistic missiles and hundreds of drones from Iran triggered air raid alerts across Isr@el early on Sunday.”


“A young boy and his siblings in Gaza visited the graves of their parents on Wednesday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr, after their parents were killed by Isr•eli air strikes.

The young boy was comforted by the journalist who interviewed him, urging him to stay strong and carry the responsibility of taking care of his siblings.”

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Varadero , Cárdenas , Matanzas province , Cuba .

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magnificent place ☺️👍🏼

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You too comrade 🫡

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Zionists are nothing but clowns .

There is not a single evidence of “genocide” in Xinjiang uyghur autonomous region . It's all lies created by adrian zenz and turkistani separatist and terrorist group .

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Rest in peace , Comrade Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov .🥲🕯️💐


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From the River To The Sea , Palestine Will Be Free !!! 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

שלום די פארטי די און ג'ודיו ספרדי 👋🏼

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