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What is Matrix?

Matrix ≈ Discord - tracking + end-to-end encryption (by default)

Matrix is a protocol for real-time communication (text, audio, and video) implemented by various applications ("clients") -- the official one is Element for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS), but there are many others, e.g. those listed here. It's also federated, like Lemmy. To use a Matrix client, you need to make a Matrix account at one of the Matrix homeservers (similar to how you can make an account on lemmygrad.ml or lemmy.ml but still access both of them). We have our own Matrix homeserver at genzedong.xyz, and you don't need an email address to register an account there.

How do I join the space?

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  1. Download a Matrix client (e.g. Element) on your device.
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Primarily for those who don't already have a discussion group, but anyone interested in Marxist-Leninist theory is welcome 👍

It won't require intensive reading/listening; it should be doable for anyone who works or studies full time, and we usually have discussions at the end of every other week. We're currently following a study plan from China, but we can add recommended texts (decided by vote). At the time of writing we're reading "Wage Labour and Capital" but I'm not going to remember to update this post

You can join the group at #reading-group:genzedong.xyz (an encrypted room) through the GenZedong Matrix space (see this post). On /c/genzhou@lemmygrad.ml there'll also be a pinned post for the current text, for those who don't want to join the Matrix space.


“Washington accuses China of producing too many goods and demands "free market" policies. But the US government is spending trillions on industrial policy to protect its own manufacturing sector. Ben Norton details the hypocrisy of the "overcapacity" allegations: the latest strategy in the US economic war on China.”


“Iran launched drones targeting Isr@el, triggering interceptor missiles and sirens in several areas across southern Isr@el and Jerusalem from Saturday night, Isr@el's military said. The U.S. and its allies shot down an unspecified number of Iranian drone aircraft headed toward Isr@el on Saturday. Several Middle Eastern countries, including Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, have suspended flight operations in their airspace amid an Iranian drone attack on Isr@el. Isr@el has been on heightened alert over the past few days following Iranian threats in response to the killing of seven Iranian officers in its consular building in Damascus, Syria, in April, which was carried out by Isr@el, according to Iran.”

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“A combined attack of dozens of ballistic missiles and hundreds of drones from Iran triggered air raid alerts across Isr@el early on Sunday.”


"The challenges that are still facing Xinjiang."


Event was (and still is) celebrated in USSR (Russia) since 1962 as "Day of Cosmonautics", from 2001 to 2022 as "Yuri's Night" in US (https://futurism.com/space-conference-censors-yuri-gagarin) and since 2017 as "International Day of Human Space Flight" by the UN.

Pictured: Yuri Gagarin with daughters Galya & Lena, and Ira Komarova. 1965, New Year's Eve.


“A young boy and his siblings in Gaza visited the graves of their parents on Wednesday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr, after their parents were killed by Isr•eli air strikes.

The young boy was comforted by the journalist who interviewed him, urging him to stay strong and carry the responsibility of taking care of his siblings.”


Every time there's a mention of the Chinese government taking a more active role in their economy, everyone gets their knickers in a twist about how this is supposedly "misguided" and will harm the economy. But you know what? If they really believed that state intervention was detrimental to economic growth, they'd be singing its praises from the rooftops! The fact that they're always wringing their hands in concern just goes to show how much they know it's the superior approach.

And let's not forget that these are the very same publications doing the constant cheerleading for China's downfall and discussions about ways to hobble its economy.

It's almost as if they want everyone to keep buying into the discredited free market ideology while China's central planning system just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

A couple of recent examples:




China has built a “kill web over the Pacific Ocean to find, fix, track and, yes, target US and allied military capabilities,” Whiting said, describing Beijing’s efforts as moving at “breathtaking speed.”

Since 2018, Russia has doubled and China has tripled the number of their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) satellites in orbit, while also testing and fielding anti-satellite weapons. Meanwhile, the US has “the world’s best space architectures,” but its military constellations are “optimized for a benign environment,” he said.

Oh my goodness, you mean just like the US who has built a web of surveillance over the entire world and established a separate branch of its military just to counter, attack, subvert, and militarize space?!?

The same US that once complained when the US attempted to move NSA assets to compromise a Chinese satellite that it moved away and evaded them at speed?

Lol, optimized for an environment of total dominance where others can't fight back or field the same capabilities.

Russian and Chinese space weapons “hold at risk our modern way of life and how we defend this nation, and we must be able to deter and counter these threats when called upon to achieve space superiority,” the general said.

Yes, they will be part of deterrence to destroy your imperialist capitalist way of life by removing any advantage and crippling your ability to control the rest of the world.

Translation: Give us more money to further militarize space in an ill-conceived attempt to maintain dominance and the ability to destroy enemy capabilities that can only ever end in a Kessler syndrome.

Washington recently accused Moscow of having undisclosed anti-satellite capabilities, possibly nuclear in nature. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the US claims were “unfounded” and a ploy to manipulate arms control talks. The Russian embassy in Washington has also accused the US of using “Russophobic slogans” to mask its own plans to militarize space.

Russia has every right to deploy any kind of anti-satellite capabilities against the belligerent, aggressive, number one threat to peace the US including nuclear ones if those are needed to take out the vast array of cheap Musk Starshield/Starlink constellations in an all-out war of direct US aggression and as a way to deter them from starting one.


Either theres something wrong with my version of youtube or the boys at the HQ finds out that im not falling for zionist propaganda that they trying to push mu into said propaganda

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