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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to engage in a mobile ecosystem outside of the watchful eye of the Big Tech giants and gatekeepers? A system that includes everything from operating systems, to app stores, to cloud services, messaging apps, email servers and more? A system that puts your privacy first, believes in a democratic approach and healthy competition, and a system that relies on open-source solutions to drive its software? Welcome to Mobifree, a human-centered, ethical alternative, that champions privacy over profit and believes in collaboration, sustainability and inclusiveness.

Everyone is locked into a mobile phone ecosystem where the terms are dictated by a handful of Big Tech companies all located in a single country. From end users looking to download and use their favorite apps, to developers who run into roadblocks when trying to get their solutions published, to governments who are increasingly using apps as a way to provide services to their citizens, we are all impacted by the gatekeeping, data tracking, and railroading Big Tech is imposing on us in the current mobile ecosystem. A new alternative is required to shape a better future. And F-Droid is excited to be a part of creating that new mobile ecosystem, together with our other partners in Mobifree.

DBus and systemd (uyha.github.io)
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systemd uses DBus as the mechanism to interact with it. This article introduces just enough DBus concepts and the usage of busctl to communicate with systemd. These concepts should be useful when using DBus libraries.

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The ELF object file format is adopted by many UNIX-like operating systems. While I've previously delved into the control structures of ELF and its predecessors, tracing the historical evolution of ELF and its relationship with the System V ABI can be interesting in itself.

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The four month old KWin merge request by Xaver Hugl to allow for triple buffering has been merged and just in time for the Plasma 6.1 code branching!

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It seems like yesterday when we released the Megarelease with apps included in Gear 24.02. But, if you check your (Merkuro) calendars, you'll notice that KDE developers have already put in three more months of intense work to bring you a whole new set of improved versions of your favorite KDE applications.

Read on to discover what's new in the Dolphin file manager, Kdenlive video editor, Itinerary travel assistant, Elisa music player, Kate text editor, and many more programs and utilities.

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AI projects like OpenAI’s ChatGPT get part of their savvy from some of the lowest-paid workers in the tech industry—contractors often in poor countries paid small sums to correct chatbots and label images. On Wednesday, 97 African workers who do AI training work or online content moderation for companies like Meta and OpenAI published an open letter to President Biden, demanding that US tech companies stop “systemically abusing and exploiting African workers.”

A typical workday for African tech contractors, the letter says, involves “watching murder and beheadings, child abuse and rape, pornography and bestiality, often for more than 8 hours a day.” Pay is often less than $2 per hour, it says, and workers frequently end up with post-traumatic stress disorder, a well-documented issue among content moderators around the world.

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The Commission is concerned that the systems of both Facebook and Instagram, including their algorithms, may stimulate behavioural addictions in children, as well as create so-called 'rabbit-hole effects'. In addition, the Commission is also concerned about age-assurance and verification methods put in place by Meta.

Today's opening of proceedings is based on a preliminary analysis of the risk assessment report sent by Meta in September 2023, Meta's replies to the Commission's formal requests for information (on the protection of minors and the methodology of the risk assessment), publicly available reports as well as the Commission's own analysis.

The current proceedings address the following areas:

  • Meta's compliance with DSA obligations on assessment and mitigation of risks caused by the design of Facebook's and Instagram's online interfaces, which may exploit the weaknesses and inexperience of minors and cause addictive behaviour, and/or reinforce so-called ‘rabbit hole' effect. Such an assessment is required to counter potential risks for the exercise of the fundamental right to the physical and mental well-being of children as well as to the respect of their rights.
  • Meta's compliance with DSA requirements in relation to the mitigation measures to prevent access by minors to inappropriate content, notably age-verification tools used by Meta, which may not be reasonable, proportionate and effective.
  • Meta's compliance with DSA obligations to put in place appropriate and proportionate measures to ensure a high level of privacy, safety and security for minors, particularly with regard to default privacy settings for minors as part of the design and functioning of their recommender systems.
New C++ features in GCC 14 (developers.redhat.com)
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The next major version of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), 14.1, was released on May 7 2024. Like every major GCC release, this version brings many additions, improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

New C++ features in GCC 14 (developers.redhat.com)
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The next major version of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), 14.1, was released on May 7 2024. Like every major GCC release, this version brings many additions, improvements, bug fixes, and new features.

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Linux 6.9 released (lore.kernel.org)
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What's New in Fedora KDE 40? (fedoramagazine.org)
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Fedora Linux is a community developed and maintained operating system. Fedora KDE is one of our adaptations of Fedora Linux for your laptop or desktop. With this milestone release of Fedora KDE 40, we hope that you’ll be interested in trying an OS that belongs to you from start to finish, from install to first shut down, from UI customizations to major changes under the hood!

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 8 points 2 months ago

Good. If only that spyware would stay down forever.

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 14 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

HP48GX scientific calculator, damn old, still works great still use it a lot

Steam Deck, handheld gaming computer, barely use PS5 anymore, this one is so quick and convenient to just pause and resume games and take gaming everywhere and the SteamOS Linux is awesome. I use the desktop mode with full KDE Plasma desktop as my portable computer a lot when on the go. Also with the dock station I can use it as a gaming console when going on holidays.

And the flat I live in. Good thing as I bought it quite a few years ago since the home prices are just criminal and highly unjust now. This stuff does not belong on markets to be sold for profits or some criminal short-time renting crap like AirBnB

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 8 points 2 months ago

Yeah it is way to often we forget how good we have it on GNU/Linux. I also had to work a lot with the two proprietary OSes a lot during the past year or so at work where our software is cross-platform so I had to test it everywhere. Oh and boy the closed proprietary options are even worse then I remember them from 5+ years ago. So dumbed down so much spyware. One is also very bloated and don't get me started how hard it is to properly support them when programming and it is so hard to debug when something goes wrong. Just terrible experience for things I take for granted while using GNU/Linux every day.

So yeah thanks to all people developing libre and opensource software and GNU/Linux especially, just love it how it gives me the choice of which desktop to use, or if I do not want to use GUI desktop at all, thanks for keeping everything deep down event to the center of the kernel accessible, and just hidden behind a very nice GUI desktop, thanks for being so open it is much easier to see things when they go wrong and see where it went wrong and is so much easier to debug. Thanks for keeping and strengthening our 4 essential freedoms and for actually caring about our privacy instead of just bullshiting and talking like you care. And thank you for not adding more stupid corporate bloat into your OS and apps. You are the real unsung heroes of the digital world, unlike this GAFAM/BigTech exploitative mafia making their products ever more closed and shitty in general just to exploit you more.

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 10 points 3 months ago

Well it does not even have to be fairly new, at least I do not consider my 8 years old PC as fairly new at all and it still is really good. As that is also one of the areas where Plasma has improved a lot during the years, they really have made it quite lightweight. Especially when considering how powerful and feature-full and configurable it is.

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 9 points 3 months ago

Yup it is configurable, There are many switchers to choose from

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 9 points 3 months ago

Yeah I use a lot of KDE software, main reason because it fits so nicely with the desktop and it also integrates functions with Plasma so usage is even smoother. One of the main applications I do not use from KDE are browser, I use LibreWolf (the desktop integration package+plugin does quite a nice job for integration here), and LibreOffice,

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 27 points 3 months ago

Well yeah, about session restore. In X11 mode it is better. But on Wayland, well it is missing completely, since Wayland does not support it just yet. KDE developers are pushing hard to make it happen in Wayland and in the meantime they are also working on workarounds.

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 7 points 3 months ago

I have the very old KDE Slimbook I from around 2017, and am very happy with it, built quality is very decent, well it is 7/8 years old now and still working nicely. Also have good experience with their support. PSU in the laptop died when it was about one year old because of lightning strike and electricity surge and they replaced the PSU without any questions and cost (except for shipping). The only thing I miss with my laptop is better keyboard, and more sturdy screen hinges. But yeah other then that. I can only recommend Slimbook.

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 19 points 7 months ago

Yeah same here. Not to mention that recently they started nagging you a lot when using ad-blocker. And not to mention all the Google spyware going on on Youtube

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 20 points 9 months ago

Yup very bloated spyware

[-] JRepin@lemmy.ml 15 points 11 months ago

Straight from the old Big Tabacco playbook of traps. Give away free stuff to get you addicted while in school and then when you are out they start profiting on your bad habbit you are hard to get rid off. Better to use software that is free for ever and even better if it is also free as in freedom and opensource.

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