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Wow. I always thought the share price was rigged!

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They built an entire industry dedicated to gaming the search results, so I feel your frustration. Nowadays, if it's not some influencer telling you to try something, it usually a bunch of topic snobs who need the latest and best (read: most expensive) version of anything - completely unusable for a casual query. If you have friends or local communities with the same hobbies, I'd start there. Or start in the shops - you find out real fast of they're trying to push product on you, versus genuinely trying to help you find what you need.


May be an incident where they could not understand how much things they take for granted cost to the normies, a flagrant disregard for morals or ethics, a blatant show of arrogance or disconnectedness, or anything yould like to share.


Every album I've ever encountered seems to have a mixture of bangers and one or more meh or outright flops. It's easier than ever to skip over the tracks now, but as the question asks: what's is, in your opinion, the perfect album, or does one/can one even exist?


Major hosts already support image links, and it'd be a good way to stick it to reddit et al. Especially if it looks like a captcha text. Or is it a matter of 'aint nobody got time for that'...?

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Probably another porn star he cheated on his (then) wife with.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 100 points 3 months ago

Just make sure you get them at the prices he used for tax purposes.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 210 points 3 months ago

The influencers got their videos, I guess.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 157 points 3 months ago

Was he tried and has he served his sentence? If so, it's incumbent on society to put aside the personal feelings and help the criminal (yes that's what I said) re-integrate into society. It's either that, or fight for a different system.

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What is it? Seems to grow out of some wooden areas in the room. I've tried peroxide and bleach. Would a steamer help? Sorry in advance for the bad picture quality.

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I'm actually starting to think.the reason republicans want him in the oval office is because, due to him being an incompetent insurrectionist moron with the cognitive ability and reasoning faculties of a unripe walnut, he'd be so easy to manipulate into signing into policy any goddamn thing they want him to, in order to cling on to their tenous grip on power.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 137 points 3 months ago

That first one looks like he runs Argentina.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 116 points 4 months ago

I guess lying is part of 'acting smart'.

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Anyone not surprised this is exactly what they accused Biden of doing?

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 155 points 5 months ago

Maybe having served in Iraq, he should have learned how a mistake is sometimes just a mistake and to know how to change your course of action once it turns out to be a mistake.

[-] JeeBaiChow@lemmy.world 117 points 7 months ago

Oh phew! I thought all the other things she did were what turned them against her. /S

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