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We haven’t coordinated anything with the mods from there and they are squarely focusing on getting people into the lifeboat over at https://lemmygrad.ml/c/GenZedong. However, you are more than welcome to hang around. A lot of us have accounts for Lemmy as well as Hexbear since Hexbear does not yet federate with Lemmy (although that project is under way).

An importance difference in site cultures to keep in mind is that we don’t allow sectarianism. If you want to dunk on anarchists, you need to take that elsewhere (or just refrain since anarchists are comrades too). If you want to dunk on liberals, !the_dunk_tank@hexbear.net is full of all the cringy Twitter screenshots your heart could ever desire. We also have !memes@hexbear.net, !chapotraphouse@hexbear.net, and !sino@hexbear.net, which should have some overlap with /r/GZD. Our !genzedong@hexbear.net comm was also recently unlocked by one of your moderators.

Happy lurking; Furious posting,



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