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We've seen an uptick in people posting dunks in here that belong in dunk_tank, as well as low-hanging fruit that gets removed from or isn't allowed in dunk_tank anymore. For context, rule 8 of dunk_tank:

Rule 8: The subject of a post cannot be low hanging fruit, that is comments/posts made by a private person that have low amount of upvotes/likes/views. Comments/Posts made on other instances that are accessible from hexbear are an exception to this.

There's a reason that dunks are cordoned off to their own comm, some users rightfully don't want to see reactionary nonsense all the time, even if we're making fun of the person who said it. /c/cth is a general-purpose comm but it's NOT for posting some random nobody asshole twitter user's bad takes, the absolute best course of action to take when you see that stuff out in the wild is to either directly shit on them yourself, or ignore them and don't give them more attention.

From this point on I'm going to be more stringent about moderating this. I get it, it's fun to dunk on the libs and the blue checks and the frothingfash and that's why we have a whole dedicated comm for that. Any post that's obviously meant to be "hey look at this piece of shit, let's laugh at how bad their opinions are, upbears to the left and emojis in chat" belongs in the_dunk_tank. And any super low-hanging fruit doesn't belong on this site, period (see TDT rule 8 above). We have better things to do with our time than give unearned attention, time and energy to low-follower-count nobodies yelling into the void.

Thanks for your discretion comrades, stay sicko sicko-jammin

edit: as others have pointed out, /c/shitreactionariessay@lemmygrad.ml is a good place for any and all dunking content not allowed here. Post that ragebait to our comrades at the 'grad, they'll make good use of it. Also, per rule 9 of TFT dunking on fediverse users is still explicitly allowed so it's still open season on those in our own backyard.

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This is on my mind, since I had to temp-ban someone from c/vegan for it in the past week, and another example of it went unmoderated for hours after being reported in another community (though it was eventually dealt with).

It doesn't matter how much the person you're responding to deserves it. Odds are, they will not care. But you know who will care? Any comrades who happen to read the thread and who struggle with suicidal ideation and/or self harm. You could ruin their day. You could be the push that sends them over the edge. Even in the unlikely event that you cause grief to the person you're responding to, no amount of collateral damage is worth it.

Don't make suicide bait posts or comments. Don't upvote suicide bait posts or comments. Report and denounce them wherever they show up.









































































































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Wanted to get a thread together to highlight aid groups that can be donated to to help Palestinian aid

~~That's the only one I know of but leaning on y'all for help to spread the word. Lots of medical aid needed so let's direct our energy toward those helping in Gaza~~

Keep em coming and I'll try to continue to add them here


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2/4/2021 Update: In light of chucklefuck TERF shit with Giggle, I am once again demanding the rest of you liberals educate yourselves on trans issues with Trans Liberation as a starting point. And you better believe more literature on minority struggle is in the pipelines. We're doing some reading this month, libs. Get ready.



Follow that link and you'll find a free download of the book in pdf and comrade @EugeneDebs's epub, comrade @futomes' audiobooks for all eight chapters, and notes and discussions from the book (and don't you dare just read the fucking notes you god damn liberals, read the fucking book or listen to the audiobook).

I spent an entire weekend night scanning the whole damn book so y'all could educate yourselves on the fucking struggles we've been screaming about for the past six months and hardly any of you damn cissie libs participated. Had you participated you'd probably have a better understanding of the struggles we face and we probably wouldn't be in this situation where trans people are heading for this damn hills because you're all shit libs driving us away.

Fucking read it or listen to the audiobooks and I won't ask again. It's all free. The book is only 147 pages - that's 7 pages per night for exactly 3 weeks. I wipe my fucking ass with 7 pages, that's nothing. People put genuine effort into this to ensure you could educate yourselves and you have no reason not to outside of fucking liberalism.

It reads quick. Drop whatever the fuck you're reading and read this. Now. :leslie-shining:

~~Edit: I'll be throwing up a discussion thread at some point in the next week or so for you damn shitlibs to comment on with things you find meaningful so I'll know if you actually gave a shit. I swear to God I better see y'all in the comments.~~

If you're having trouble downloading, there are links in this comment by u/hexaflexagonbear that seem to work.


Lookin for it?



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"Lumpenproletariat" is exactly the kind of idea an educated German theorist would come up with in the wreckage of the industrial revolution and it's ridiculous to try to carry that notion forward to the age of cell phones and heavily armed maoist prostitutes and if anyone can't understand that you should throw grass at them until they stop being dorks because they're too far gone to touch it themselves.

Like ffs read even one anthro text about black market and grey market economies and stop treating The Man's legal system like anything but a criminal organization.




they really hired a team of writers to become Brandon while he gets over "long covid". what the fuck

what if he's already dead and they prop him up and use AI to make his face move on video like a grotesque present-day Weekend at Bernie's? i would vote for that

Late night cat post (hexbear.net)

This cat is very disappointed in your life choices

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Brace yourselves!

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"She enjoyed nothing better than being placed in a bathtub with a little water in it and given a cake of soap with which to play. In this fashion she would amuse herself for an hour or more."

Scroll down slowly. (hexbear.net)

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I'm Schedule A, have a few letters of recommendation, have my resume, and I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Communications in one month. I'm Latino or Latina (?) so I guess there's some DEI service I can utilize.

...I can't fucking wait. I need a job. I need income. I need a fucking car or transportation. I need to move from this place.

It's Joever, folks... for Makan, ig? Idk, I had to squeeze in the current lingo there. But as the Joe(ker) himself said, the four-letter word on everyone's minds is "Jobs! J-O-B-S!" (Yeah, I had to Segway to an old Biden gaffe there, you see).

Anyway, I'm not anti-work, like what they have on that subreddit... and I've never exactly been "neutral" on work either.

I'm "pro-work," if anything. I want a career. I want a job or role I can take pride in. I'm disabled, yes. I'm Autistic, among other things. But gosh darnit to frick (I know, I know, naughty and vulgar language), I need a job. Maybe a union job with LiUNA or whatever. But I need a job.

But for the life of me, I suck at job-hunting.

I'm not sure what details to give to you all, but I need pointers on how to land a job, maybe you can all tell me how you were able to do it (...assuming you did, mind you)?

I just need advice...


What's he listening to?

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