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This is on my mind, since I had to temp-ban someone from c/vegan for it in the past week, and another example of it went unmoderated for hours after being reported in another community (though it was eventually dealt with).

It doesn't matter how much the person you're responding to deserves it. Odds are, they will not care. But you know who will care? Any comrades who happen to read the thread and who struggle with suicidal ideation and/or self harm. You could ruin their day. You could be the push that sends them over the edge. Even in the unlikely event that you cause grief to the person you're responding to, no amount of collateral damage is worth it.

Don't make suicide bait posts or comments. Don't upvote suicide bait posts or comments. Report and denounce them wherever they show up.









































































































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Wanted to get a thread together to highlight aid groups that can be donated to to help Palestinian aid

~~That's the only one I know of but leaning on y'all for help to spread the word. Lots of medical aid needed so let's direct our energy toward those helping in Gaza~~

Keep em coming and I'll try to continue to add them here


I edited it a bit to be just Trump speaking.

archive.today • Donald Trump's Rambling Rally Speech Raises Questions

Donald Trump's mention of the "beautiful" Battle of Gettysburg during a campaign rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday got the former president some attention on social media, with users wondering what his rambling "rant" was about.

Dammit (hexbear.net)

Yeah mines weeb shit but it's cool weeb shit


If only the suckers could support a different reality tv clown.

archive.today • Truth Social investing is about faith in Trump, not business fundametals - The Washington Post

Jerry Dean McLain first bet on former president Donald Trump's Truth Social two years ago, buying into the Trump company's planned merger partner, Digital World Acquisition, at $90 a share. Over time, as the price changed, he kept buying, amassing hundreds of shares for $25,000 — pretty much his "whole nest egg," he said.

That nest egg has lost about half its value in the past two weeks as Trump Media & Technology Group's share price dropped from $66 after its public debut last month to $32 on Friday. But McLain, 71, who owns a tree-removal service outside Oklahoma City, said he's not worried. If anything, he wants to buy more. "I know good and well it's in Trump's hands, and he's got plans," he said. "I have no doubt it's going to explode sometime."

For shareholders like McLain, investing in Truth Social is less a business calculation than a statement of faith in the former president and the business traded under his initials, DJT.


McLain [said] he believes the stock could "go to $1,000 a share, easy," once the media stops writing so negatively about it and the company works through its growing pains. The company's leaders, he said, are being "too silent right now" amid questions about the falling share price, but he suspects it's because they're working on something amazing and new.

McLain is an amateur trader — he invested only once before and "lost [his] butt" — and said he hasn't talked to his family about his investment, saying, "You know how that is." But he believes the Trump Media deal is a sign he is "supposed to invest," he said. "This isn't just another stock to me. … I feel like it was God Almighty that put it in my lap," he said. "I've just got to hold on and let them do their job. If you go on emotion, you'll get out of this thing the first time it goes down."

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So I just started my first blue collar job a couple of weeks ago. I live in a rural, coastal purple state that has been trending blue for years. I've spent more than a few hours chatting with "the guys," and as a terminal hexbear user I feel like I'm extremely sensitive to their political views. If you want to call them liberals, conservatives, right or left authoritarians or libertarians, it just makes no sense at all to me. They seem to hate corporations—except for the "good" ones that provide their treats. (They're also fond of the large business we work for, or just terrified of even consciously complaining about it.) Some police are bad but others are just trying to do their job. One told me that we "really needed" a new police station that just opened up in town, while he has also stated that racism is bad. One Gen Xer told me that he has "made some money" through cryptocurrency, but he also has a dim view of the USA's future (and climate change) and has said that he'll be happy to just sit back and watch as the country burns down. It's wrong that there are so many unoccupied houses here, but for you to become a landlord, that's a totally legitimate thing to do. Some have asked about my masking, others totally ignore it. No one has been aggressive about it—yet.

What makes more sense to me is just having a spectrum ranging from "collectivist" to "individualist." Libertarians and fascists go on the far right; liberals and conservatives on the right; social democrats / democratic socialists on the center-right, and communists and anarchists on the left. It just seems like this makes my coworkers' political views much easier to understand. They're individualists. They don't like when rich people or the police get in their way. But they're happy to be rich (at everyone else's expense) and to have the same police protect them.

As an aside, I've been doing white collar work since I graduated from college and I only just moved into the blue collar field a few months ago. (If you google my name, you'll see that I'm a communist, which means that it's impossible for me to do white collar work at this point.) I'm writing a book about the whole experience. I would also make videos about it but I need to remain anonymous because there's so much money in this field and I'd like to start a worker co-op as soon as I feel comfortable working with this shit. (There's tons of blue collar work to do, but living here is very expensive and the state is running out of workers because it's more profitable for landlords to have AirBnBs.) I'm interested in training communists, constructing at-cost housing, and doing a political takeover here. We would only need a few hundred people to have enough voters to take over the town, defund the police, and drive out the landlords. These plans are pretty vague though and would take years to pull off, so please feel free to critique them.


Footage circulated from Gaza shows many residents, including inside displacement tents, whistling and others chanting in joy as Israel’s skies were lit up by Iranian missiles and Israeli interceptors.

“Whoever decides to attack Israel, dares to attack Israel at a time when the whole world acts in its service, is a hero in the eyes of Palestinians regardless of whether we share their [Iran] ideology or not,” said Majed Abu Hamza, 52, a father of seven, from Gaza City.

“We have been slaughtered for over six months and no one dared to do anything. Now Iran, after its consulate was hit, is hitting back at Israel and this brings joy into our hearts.”

Hamas defended Iran’s attack saying the assault was “a natural right and a deserved response” to the strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria’s capital Damascus on April 1.


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It was great!

...Though not good for newcomers to the series or perhaps people that never ever played the video games to begin with.

If you haven't played the games, you probably won't enjoy this series.

But I loved it through and through, from beginning to end (though episode 6 weirded me out).

Also, the Fallout humor was on point.

Like, it's clear that Jonathan Nolan wanted this to be a love letter to the franchise (and it... kinda bonks you on the head about it?)

Yeah, it does bonk you on the head about it and it's amazing that the first season turned out as well as it did (given that at times it seems that they're going by a check-list of "Fallout things" to show).

It's like... Robo-brain? Check. Yaou Guai? Check. Ghouls? Check. Lore-accurate BoS (more or less)? Check. NCR? Check.

I loved it! ...But again, it's clearly not geared toward newer audiences.

And that's fine (in a way).

If it was sort-of holding your hand... it wouldn't be nearly as good, you know?

And it really does encapsulate the video game series well.

I mean, it's literally got side-quests and a moral dilemma at the end there.

Also, American monopoly capitalism looks bad here. Really bad.

I take back what I said about the series being "kinda liberal."

I mean, yes, there's no "alternative" to capitalism but a wasteland, essentially (even as it is anti-capitalist, clearly), but it definitely portrays the corporate monopolists well.

Oh yeah, and shout-out to having actual reds in this series (one was apparently Indigenous too).

Kinda vague on whether or not Moldaver was a communist.

I wonder if my own CPUSA was around in 2077? I'm guessing they were, but they would have to still be a staunchly pro-Soviet part (and thus, perhaps, anti-China) due to the Fallout lore.

(The Party was anti-China until 1991 and you all know what happened in 1991 in our own timeline.)

But honestly, it was good. But damn, they're going to have to pick up all the threads they left hanging and that's going to be hard to do. The first season also had a problem of certain things that either happened too fast or they happened and then were resolved quickly.

Also, sometimes, the season kept flashing or showing things on-screen and it's hard to kinda keep up with it all (again, sort-of going back to the check-list problem). Like, the season was jam-packed... which is great... in a way... It grabs your attention but at times, it goes by too fast and then it really does feel like a video game (in a bad way, that is).

Also also, sometimes things happened for the sake of the plot (looking at Maximus releasing the dad at the end there... even though while, yes, it makes sense given that the main protagonist was still recovering from the shock, it's also a bit too convenient for the sake of the story).

Also also also, shout-out to the Robert House (RobCo) cameo.

Also also also also, I really hope this isn't the only Fallout media in the next few years.

Like, yeesh, Bethesda, just give the license or IP to Obsidian or Larian (maybe make a isometric RPG like the old days?) and have them do a spin-off (while you focus on the "main" titles). I mean, come on, it can't be that hard, right? Then again, I'm not a CEO or a stakeholder or on the Board of Directors or whatever.

So, err, yeah.

It was very good.


But very good (imho, don't @ me!).

Watch it if you're a Fallout fan, at the very least.

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Caring is already pretty cringe. But actually trying to change the things that you care about? Especially in the political climate that the US is in? I literally cannot think of anything more cringe than that

Don't call me your comrade, pal. Like actually though, please stop calling people comrades, fuck. Stop protesting and yelling at a government building when nobody is even listening

FYI I only started thinking this after I started organizing. FYI I obviously also recognize that organizing is good and there's nothing wrong with the things I find cringe, it's clearly a me problem.

Farts, yes or no? (strawpoll.com)
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'Merica! (hexbear.net)
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