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Test 2, please ignore also.

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Plus one, having the same issue.

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Update 8-24-23: We are just about up to date with postings! Tomorrow we'll have 10 more and be all caught up. After that it will be a single post with that days comic strip.

Original Post: There is a method to the madness, please bear with me.

The point of this Garfield community is to post the comics as they were released. For example, the comic originally released on October 8, 1978 will be posted on October 8, 2023. I'll post a few a day until we are caught up and then will post one a day to match the original release date.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for joining the community!

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LOL it sure is. Anyone else go through DARE in school?

20 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
19 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
18 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
17 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
16 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
15 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
14 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
13 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
12 February 1986 (calvinandhobbes-images.s3.amazonaws.com)
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Awesome, thank you very much!

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Thanks for the continuing updates!

One thing that drives me nuts (in iOS in general) is accidentally tapping the top right corner and it scrolling to the top. Any way to add an option where this can be turned off? Or maybe double tap takes you back to where you were?

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You’re welcome and glad to be here too ;)

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This is how it feels to me as well.

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Agreed. If you need a laugh come join https://lemmy.world/c/calvinandhobbes

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Thanks Klanky. Seems like the early ones are not as big of a deal to fly through, as most of us have seen them a bizallion times.

I do want to get on schedule matching the release dates, even just for nostalgias sake. As a kid I remember making sure to ask my Dad for the paper everyday to see C&H. Really sucked when I missed a day. Then I got my first C&H book some years later and I was finally able to catch up on the ones I missed.

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I was partially to a few others, but C&H was really good the entire run. I think Bill was really smart to stop when he did.

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I’m committed to Lemmy at this point, but it is nice to light a few fires at Reddit as I’m walking out the door.

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I can’t get swiping to work at all. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or don’t have setting correct?

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