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Malcolm X On U.S. Complicity In DRC


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Dream Betrayed? South Africa's 30 Years of 'Democracy' | Our Documentary From S.A


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When Israel Lost its War Against Hezbollah


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New Caledonia: Old Colonialism?


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Revealed: Israeli spy chief ‘threatened’ ICC prosecutor over war crimes inquiry


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How The West Underdeveloped Haiti


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China & Russia strengthen friendship, blasting Western 'neocolonialism' & US militarism

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Do you have a source on billionaire autistics?

[-] SovietReporter@lemmygrad.ml 2 points 3 days ago

You get used it to haha

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What if you are a vegan?

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Before global socialism and after global socialism

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Can you please link the email here?

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I disagree, Russia’s foreign policy has been way better than the USA and they have not participated in the same predatory lending practices that the USA has with developing nations. If the USA were to collapse, Russia would most likely undergo a revolution since the U.S. fascists wouldn’t be able to back the struggling bourgeoisie like it has done in the past.

Also saying that Russia would take US place is very naive. Russia doesn’t have the same level of alliance the US has with Europe. A disappearing USA will just make the global south stronger

Edit: Also Russia is an ally of China and is helping Africa. Moreover, Russia is now killing Nazis. Therefore, supporting Russia against Nazis and NATO is the right move. Right now Russia is hundreds of times better than the USA. Once the USA disappears we’ll worry about what’s next

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Russia is not imperialist like The USA and NATO empire is though, and he is an ally of China and is helping Africa develop. That makes him hundreds of time better than Washington

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So you are saying that we should stay silent about the sexual assault of children, and the fact that a big number of abusers flee to Israel to avoid justice? I don’t agree with that.

Also these sources are literally Israeli news sources. So I am using Israeli sources, and repeating what these sources are saying.

Also, fuck protecting Zionists! Fuck all Zionists!!

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Because they think that they are untouchable


This video goes into that

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And Bitcoin 🤣

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