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I mod from Mobile using Boost. I imagine it shouldn't be hard to do using Voyager. Thanks for volunteering! We already have several mods now, though.

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The beaten off path

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GURPS is pretty rule heavy when it comes to combat, but it only took us a few sessions to nail down about 95% of it. The was 3e.

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We were playing a GURPS multiverse game on Halloween night. All of us had been captured and were in the gallows about to be executed by the enemy with no way out. One by one, we got hung, and we all ended up dead. We were just sitting there, quiet and in shock, not really sure what the hell our GM was thinking.

Then he said that we all woke up. We neglected to account for the fact that we were in a technologically advanced enough world that had the capability of resuscitating us even after we were dead for several minutes.

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Loved the artwork in V&V! Also Gamma World.

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I think that teaching classes would be interesting. I have a lot of industry experience, but I never actually got a degree in the field I work in, and I don't have any sort of degree that deals with teaching. Is it possible to get a job as a teacher without those?

Edit: I'm in the US specifically looking at teaching college courses, but K-12 could be interesting, too.

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AI ingesting the output of AI ingesting the output of AI...


Sort of similar to the Great Filter theory, but applied to time travel technology.


I'm re-watching The Magicians with my wife, since she's never seen it. It's been long enough since I watched it last that I don't remember a lot of things that happened, so there's a lot of "I forgot got that!" moments for me, which is fun.

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Just let me eat my cheese

Ice cream bread (www.allrecipes.com)

Cake made with two ingredients - melted ice cream and self rising flour.

Brazilian Lemonade (braziliankitchenabroad.com)

Here in the states we'd call this limeade. I made this tonight, and it was very good. I used sweetened condensed coconut milk (dairy allergy) and ended up doubling the amount because it was too tart for me with the amount given in the recipe. Your mileage may vary.

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Strictly based on looks, CUVs are ugly, and yet I see so many of them. I don't get why people like how they look or why this body style is so popular.

Edit: CUV = Crossover Utility Vehcile

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I just don't look at it if I have to make an account.

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"Lemmy is a selfhosted social link aggregation and discussion platform."

Non-techie people: wat

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The drink is 880 calories and the doughnuts are a total of 4590 calories.


From a weight gain perspective, 17 doughnuts would be way worse. Not that most people would sit down to that many doughnuts.

I mean... I may have... possibly.

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Does it tell you to Google the problem and then downvote you?

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I just looked up Event Horizon and it only got a 33%. I love that movie. It genuinely really creeped me out. Few horror films do.

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