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Because legal fees and fines are the cost of doing business for Big AdTech

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The majority of computer owners use their machine to open a web browser and maybe an email client.

Surely that can be done on any OS.

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Do you trust that its off? Or just off for You?

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Why would they? Bing is free.

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No matter if pi goes forever, they'll just round it down to 3.

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Fuck Samsung. See how good that feels to say?

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I've got this neat device that uses a compressed liquid fuel to provide a concentrated, adjustable element of heat and light simultaneously; that can be administered to any object which will render it useless, if not absolutely destroyed.

Follow that up with direct strikes with a large chunk of metal, attached to a long wooden handle.

I have a blowtorch and a sledgehammer.

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Its a gimmick to sell phones.

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Since it won't come with my Prime sub, it'll just get unplugged and thrown away.

Also, because the AI part.

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MVNO hacked. End title.

Whose towers do they use? Probably VZ, ATT, or TMo. Who all recently also got breached.

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We all had sliding keyboards or even physical ones back in my day.


The Earth is round to keep you from walking out of the simulator. If it was flat, there'd be a door or something.


I want to know what was running through the mind of the first guy who thought up mummies. Some guy just came along and said "You know what we need? Dead bodies to last longer! C'mon, who's with me?”

We might need them to still look good in case they DO reanimate, or maybe Picture Day in the afterlife?

I wonder how much time it took from the proof of concept to the first successful mummification? Trial and error and such. And how did they quantify a success? Dig them up every year to check?

submitted 6 months ago by dukethorion@lemmy.world to c/privacy@lemmy.ml

Chromium (Cromite) - no sync of any kind. Otherwise, no complaints except the menu item bloat.

FF Stable - no about:config, comes with a ton of things that need turned off.

FF Beta/Nightly/Mull - has FFSync, but missing Chrome's rotate-to-fullscreen functionality.

All Android Browsers - too many menu items.

FF: Customize, What's New, Help, Addons should all be under Settings. Chromium also has full menu that mostly is never used. View Source on a mobile browser...really why?

It doesnt make much sense to have a movable toolbar if you still have to use both hands to get to the bookmarks button/menu. I'd be happy with either an organized, uncluttered menu, or one where certain items could be hidden/removed from the main menu.

Brave - I wish I could stick with them. Everything works and they have it all. Full non-Google sync, better video playback control, nicer UI, dual toolbars. I just can't with the way they operate, adding bad features and then saying oops every time.

How do we get the perfect browser?

In my mind, it looks like Cromite, has the internals of FF (gecko engine), FOSS, can rotate the phone into full screen video, with sync implemented. And of course all privacy settings setup like Mull.

Anyone else spot this unicorn?

Gupax 1.3.2 (github.com)
submitted 7 months ago by dukethorion@lemmy.world to c/monero@monero.town

Latest update to Gupax to include the latest version of P2Pool and XMRig.

Thanks to the Dev!


Mods, please don't let this community turn into a lemmy support channel. There's probably 20 others.

Super Long Play (lemmy.world)

Back in my day, you had to know exactly how long, in minutes, three separate movies were in length to see if they'd fit on one cassette.

Recording VHS tapes was a unknowingly wild time in human history.

A Chain of Events (lemmy.world)

What was the catalyst for the entire show?

Was it the Brains, that attempted to gain all knowledge in the universe?

Which then motivated Nibbler to set up Fry to be frozen?

  1. Tell people at the top of a Community that posting is only allowed by admins before someone types a wall if text only for it to be deleted.

  2. Failed posts should go back to the edit screen so that person can copy that text wall to try to post it somewhere else.

Instance Size

We talk about sending new users to smaller instances to spread the load. We don't want one instance becoming the centralized default.

Add code to put in a hard cap on users, somewhere between 100-500k.


A community Instance Owner Pact that each Instance would close registration at a specific number.

Additionally, would it be beneficial for instance health to have an account pruning feature that would auto delete any account that has made no interaction (post/comment/upvote/etc) within maybe a year?


Is there a button, or menu somewhere that allows a Community creator or mod to view a list of subscribers? All I can see is the stats of how many, etc.

Beehaw (lemmy.world)
submitted 11 months ago by dukethorion@lemmy.world to c/jerboa@lemmy.ml

It should be noted somewhere on the login screen, maybe with an asterisk, that beehaw.org is not fully federated, restricted, however it needs to be termed.





A place for Masons and the public to discuss the worldwide fraternity. No conspiracy posts, no spam.

App Refresh (lemmy.world)
submitted 11 months ago by dukethorion@lemmy.world to c/jerboa@lemmy.ml

So, let's say I'm reading something in a community and then I have to switch to a different app. Upon reopening, Jerboa does not stay at that particular spot, instead going back to the home screen with the saved sort settings. Is this by design or is it just a me problem?

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