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Hello everyone,

I would like to get started with selfhost with two projects.

Project A (for me): A NUC with Proxmox installed on it, two VMs including a Home Assistant and a NAS system that I haven't chosen yet.

The only question I have with this project is:

  • how to access the NAS and HA separately from the outside knowing that my access provider does not offer a static IP and that access to each VM must be differentiated from Proxmox.

~~Project B (for my uncle):~~ ~~A NUC (with Proxmox or not, I don't know yet, perhaps simpler for making backups), with HA but especially Frigate.~~ ~~The goal is to use Google Coral to do recognition on 3 video surveillance cameras.~~

~~My questions are:~~

  • ~~is Coral really useful with 3 cameras?~~
  • ~~do you need a Coral in USB or M.2 version?~~
  • ~~are there affordable NUCs with free M.2 slots?~~
  • ~~won't proxmox add a layer of complexity with Coral/Frigate/a Zigbee dongle?~~

Thank you in advance for your help and sorry if my post is long.

~~PS: if you have recommendations for cameras that work with Frigate and are self-powered with solar panels, I'll take them!~~

Edit : 8 april 2024

A little update. Thank you everyone for your super quick responses!

Regarding my uncle's project and after big discussions, he is going to buy Reolink cameras and that's it. This will be much simpler for maintenance than building a server.

Regarding my project: I chose a Beelink Mini S12 pro with an N100 processor (for its low consumption) with a 2.5 bay for an SSD for my Nextcloud.

I wondered if I wouldn't take the opportunity to add pihole and that's where new questions arise...

I see a lot of people installing Pihole on Docker, should I put it on Docker? Or create a VM?

Should Docker be installed on Proxmox or on a VM?

Is Proxmox really useful, shouldn't I better install HA/Nextcloud/Pihole under Docker directly?

Should I use LXC or Docker?

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Wait, you guys have a girlfriend?

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J'adore Localsend, un Airdrop compatible tous device à partir du moment où ils sont sur le même réseau local. Je m'en sers tous les jours.

Bitwarden est super, même si maintenant je suis passé sur ProtonMail payant qui intègre protonPass.

Heliboard, le meilleur clavier Android à mon sens.

Sous Android toujours, Shelter et QUIK SMS(qui remplace Qksms) sont au top.

Édit : j'ai oublié Signal! Quel naze je suis... Édit 2 : et Freecad et Cura aussi pour l'impression 3D, je m'en vais de ce pas me fouetter avec une poignée d'orties...

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As a french, I'm sick about pretty blond girls that ask about everything because they are blond girls... Yes you're beautiful, no it's not a pass you can use anytime.

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You're on lemmy but not using Linux?!?!!??! Wtf are you?! /s

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Annnnnnnnnnnd Grapheneos....

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Feel Free and secure with privacy

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It's funny! I come this week from windows 11 to Linux Mint.

I replace Fusion 360 by Freecad (I start with some YouTube tutorials) And Cura is avaliable on Linux!

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I don't know if it the better place to ask my question and if it's not I apologize...

I am a biker and despite my love for FOSS applications, I cannot deny that Waze is very practical (especially for speed camera signaling). I use CalyxOS and there is a feature that makes it easy to use the work profile. On the other hand, I do not know how useful it is to limit my data transmission to Google. Is this really usefull? (I also have TrackerControl, but if I block anything, Waze no longer works)

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Knowing Nîmes well, he already live this situation... But I'm agree with you

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Use qbittorrent instead. Open-source is the future

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Hi everyone, I have Crowsnest pre-install but it's broken. I'm unable to have a log... What I'm doing wrong please?

Klipper vs Marlin (lemmy.world)
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I actually have Marlin + Octoprint but found out recently that Klipper exist. I read everywhere that Klipper is better but I don't really get why. I understand that Klipper use raspberry as powerfull calculator instead of the STM32 of the printer, but octoprint is used to send Gcode to Marlin too... So what's the really difference please?

Edit : I don't understand how Klipper or Marlin can give better results when gcode and instructions are generated by Cura

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Hi, Actually I use octoprint + marlin and think about changing to Klipper. I understand that with Klipper, main calculs are made in the Raspberry PI. But what about Cura? Isnt' Cura who lead the gcode and then the printer movements? Thank by advance.

Dinosaur (lemmy.world)
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Bring my buddy at work

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How is this possible even with abl? I dont' get it...

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Spoiler, les gens préféreront bouffer de la pub que d'arrêter YouTube. Il n'y a qu'à voir reddit qui tourne toujours, netflix qui a vu 6M de nouveaux utilisateurs apres l'arrêt des partages des comptes familles et j'en passe.

Les gens vont râler 1 semaine puis oublier..

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Hi everyone, just to put some content in this community, I thought that sharing my setup could be useful to some people!

I have a Creality Ender 3-S1 Plus as my first printer. Why this choice? because... I wanted a big set, it suited my budget, and... I didn't know too much about it so I followed my instinct.

First thing I did was to replace the original firmware with this one. Many more features including a lot of work on the touch screen, and more compatibility with Octoprint (see below).

I then installed a led strip with a support printed by me.

Then Tasmota connected sockets (open source firmware). Driven by Octoprint, I can turn on my printer remotely, then the LED strip and the printers will be turned off automatically at the end of printing. Open-source was important to me, for control to be done locally only, and not via a server on the other side of the world..

I then discovered via Reddit (urg) the existence of Octoprint. After trying to install it on my first generation RPi, I bought an RPi 4 and created myself an optimized server.

I added some plugins including:

  • Bed visualizer: to have a 3D visual of the bedleveling
  • OctoEverywhere! (in free version) to have access to my server outside my local network (at work for example)
  • Signal Notifier: to send me a message on Signal (I hate Meta and therefore Whatsapp) when the print is finished
  • Tasmota: to control my connected sockets, very easy to use by adding commands in my Gcode
  • UI Customizer: to have a beautiful interface
  • Slicer Thumbnails: to have a preview of the Gcode rather than just the name (requires manipulation in Cura)
  • M73 progress: to display the printing progress on the touch screen

To perfect my installation and avoid going back and forth to check my impressions, I installed a Logitech HD C270 with a custom case.

Here, to conclude, I had a lot of trouble with Signal to install it on the RPi but I created a script to achieve this easily. And I burned my first bed by putting a Z-offset too low so I bought another one on amazon which I am very satisfied with.

My next project will be to confine my printer to print ABS.

Edit : (Yes, I need to clean the bed)

Edit 2 : Here's the video to not burn your bed, watch it until the end!

More than 1 picture (lemmy.world)
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Hi, I want to make a big post whith many pictures in 3Dprinting community but I don't know how to post more than 1 picture. Is there an easy way? Thanks!

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Bonjour à tous, Je viens vers vous car j'ai un petit souci avec Lemmy. Je voudrais faire un très gros post sur 3Dprinting et y poster plusieurs photos avec, mais je n'arrive à intégrer qu'une photo. Quelqu'un s'aurait comment faire svp?

Bulbizzar (lemmy.world)
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Just want to share one of my prints. Printer in Ender 3-S1 plus. Painted with Posca pens

Smoother in reality than the picture

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J'suis dépité... Les gens n'ont aucune volonté.

Si on se bat contre les grosses compagnies on peut gagner, mais non, trop peur de rater sa petite série.

C'est la même chose avec Reddit, finalement, tout va très bien pour eux.

L'appât du gain des grosses boites est toujours récompensé, j'vois pas comment on peut prétendre à un bel avenir.

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