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Got cha got cha. Thanks. For some reason I thought it meant "about the same".

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 2 points 16 hours ago

I saw this elsewhere in the thread, x men is work, what's that mean?

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 1 points 17 hours ago

O, then what does the equal equal thing mean? Yea I thought major climate catastrophe was unavoidable even with a complete and immediate change by the entire world. Not that everyone would die in a climate apocalypse.

I meant more of the dictionary version of catastrophic. Sorry if it normally has or implies different meaning when talking about climate change.

I um, I'm not arguing or anything. Just curious if my comment had something that made you bring up existential threats?

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 12 points 1 day ago

Hey if a bunch of scientists say otherwise then, yah, they know better. But I thought we were basically beyond preventing catastrophic climate disaster?

Also this is the first I'm seeing the big Gritty brain meme format and I love it!

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Fair fair, I am not even a armchair expert. And yea a moment of thought about senator I ever voted for would have reminded me thay. But at least I wasn't crazy about the house.

Now, I still think any election however local, does affect stuff up the ladder.

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 11 points 3 days ago

It's like a Dr Bronners bottle on bath salts.

Hmmm.... maybe they ate (smoked? Boofed?) bath salts in the bath while cleaning with Dr. Bronners.

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 8 points 3 days ago

Presidential? Yea you would think. But seeing this map overlayed with districting lines would help explain how we get some of our senators representatives we have.

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works -1 points 3 days ago

If you mean that in the sense it's about frontiersman not cowboys or something then ok, that's all the same to me. But you can read Milchs interview. He very clearly says it's about cops, and the original setting he had in mind was Rome. It's not about Rome.

[-] peteypete420@sh.itjust.works 2 points 3 days ago

All you have to do it watch it. It does not have anything g to do with Rome. Again, the creator pitched it as taking place in Rome during the reign of Nero. Because the show is about cops in a place with no laws, not Rome.

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