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Let’s not create a disincentive for people to use their brakes.

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Easy, just ask it something a human wouldn’t be able to do, like “Write an essay on The Cultural Significance of Ogham Stones in Early Medieval Ireland“ and watch it spit out an essay faster than any human reasonably could.

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A post from 7 years ago

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But it was stolen due to 5 hard right justices

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Helen Toner was right

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The same NY Times suing Open AI for copyright infringement. Rules for thee, but not for me.

If the NY Times’ case has any merit, then the art generated by AI is also based on copyright infringing models.

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You know Henry Kissinger would be there too if he wasn’t dead and buried.

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They have nothing left to bomb in Gaza, so they need another target to avoid a ceasefire.

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Why benzos? I feel like he would have not raised suspicion or gotten in the same trouble if he’d just let the girls eat some melatonin gummies or something. Wouldn’t even need to be sketchy about it.

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There is a shortage because those jobs require you to wipe asses for minimum wage.

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What annoys you? (lemmy.world)
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Anyone recently watch the docuseries American Conspiracy about The Octopus Murders on Netflix? Any theories on who killed Danny Casolaro or any interesting information on some of his connections? I had never heard of the case before but, my god it’s like a rabbit hole that pulls you in.


I’m always surprised by the quality of comments on Lemmy and the analysis provided, often by experts in their field. It gives a sense that the average Lemmy user is a lot smarter than the average member of the public.

Also, when it comes to politics, I think the average Lemmy user is pretty perceptive of what real power dynamics are at play and what interests society should be looking to promote.

It's been a pleasure to be on this platform with you all. Where do you all come from? And why is it so hard to find people like you in the real world?


There can be a lot of junk on Temu admittedly, but it’s kind of fun to find a few deals.

Found a pair of Leatherman Raptor shears ($99 USD) for $12

Also found a Benchmade Follow Up Fixed Blade ($120 USD) for $16

Bought a drone for $15. It’s not high quality, but it’s a drone, for $15. Fun to mess around and learn with.

Anyone else find some deals? Or, got another suggestion besides Temu?

All the essentials (lemmy.world)
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  • Otis Club 100
  • Titanium Tweezer
  • Air Island Metal Comb
  • Mr. Green Ultra Thin Nail Clipper
  • Elephant Wallet P Wallet
  • Fisher Space Pen
  • Leatherman Wave
  • Keysmart Vegan Leather AirTag Compact Keyholder
  • Olight I1R 2 Pro Eos
  • Stainless steel rattlesnake clip
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods Pro

My favorite part is the way my grooming kit and pen fit into my minimalist wallet. Always handy to have a nail clipper, comb, and pen in your back pocket taking up as little space as few credit cards.


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