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It's like astronomy: size isn't necessarily predictive of mass.

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Woah, that's astounding. I'm really impressed with this level of dedication. They've invested millions in FOSS projects!

List of projects: https://www.sovereigntechfund.de/tech

They're even investing in ActivityPub. Thanks Germany! https://www.sovereigntechfund.de/tech/activitypub-test-suite

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This is a great story. I kind of want to buy the game just to support them. Looks like there's a demo for Windows available. I'll check it out later.

List of downloads: https://www.denneko.com/sakuratower

Direct link to latest version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13_6nBWuxjmbvmC3Txtn3Y6rtg0MdGphf/view?usp=sharing

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Great idea. I'd gladly join in if they made a torrent.

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Interesting, I like the concept of digital sovereignty. I didn't see anything about actually maintaining the software they use, though. Seems like that would be a good way to ensure success and they could influence the development to meet their needs.

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Me before 3 energy drinks

Me after 3 energy drinks

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A wolf in wolf's clothing

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Schrödinger's validation

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Outlasted them in what? Mortal combat?

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It really is a great movie. Super intense and all the characters are fascinating.

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What's the solar equivalent for lunacy? Solace?

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I'm wondering the same thing. They don't mention how it functions besides some spoofing. Are they using the API or something else?

AccuRuleWeight [OC] (lemmy.world)

I got this after I finished weighing everything. It's a sign from the gods! Or God! Or... something...

Sitting drule (lemmy.world)

Have a radical day (lemmy.world)


New favorite flavor.


I created some Zoids with Copilot

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Created using Copilot. Prompt: superman using laser eyes to gently massage spider-man

Suaauyh! Swrr!! (lemmy.world)

I don't know what HD is, but my teacher said I have 80 of them.

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