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After a bit of searching I think people generally mean gnome 3 when they say gnome and gnome 2 is now known as Mate.

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Is it gnome 3 (shell)?

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Hellblade 2 is coming.

Edit: The atmosphere in the first 10-30 minutes of Hellblade is absolutely stunning. I haven't played through it yet though. I think I'm afraid that it will be a disappointment and that the initial experience, which really is amazing, will be ruined.

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The only things I've watched of these is Rogue One and Andor and I doubt the other things is up in the same class but I might be wrong.

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Governments listen to people that succeed at acting in unison. Individuals can be dealt with swiftly but populations can overturn any government.

Coordinating populations is the hard part if you want revolution. Manipulating populations and their ability to coordinate is your bread and butter if you want to oppress.

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Yeah encrypt it or at least put on a nsfw tag or something. Gosh. People flaunt their privates like it's Onlyfans.

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Really? A Russian delegation is allowed to join? Doubt they would have anything remotely useful to contribute.

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I think Black mirror did an episode on this? Don't remember the plot though.

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I'm very wary of installing more extensions since I heard how many lucrative requests extension devs get from third parties for allowing them to enshittify their software.

[-] worldsayshi@lemmy.world 5 points 6 months ago

I fear that part of the reason is that it isn't big enough yet for AstroTurf interest groups to care enough to invest into it. Although maybe AstroTurfing isn't included in the enshittification label?

For social media to work in the future I think there needs to be additional safeguards that keep enshittification at bay. But picking them will be a delicate art.

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