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negative value

You're thinking of shorting a stock. You sign a contract to sell a stock. And the most dangerous version of it is naked short selling where don't even own the stock.


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ELI5: Short selling : explainlikeimfive

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This one usually takes a while to grasp, so bear with me, and read it two or three times.

Normally, when you buy an investment (stocks, bonds, etc.; but stocks for this example), you buy now, and hold on to them until they become more valuable. Then you sell and make money. This is going "long". You want the price of the stock to increase.

Going "short" is the opposite. You want the price to fall so you can make money. So how does one do this?

First, you need an broker. You borrow stocks from the broker, let's say 1000 shares of a company, at $1 dollar each. Note that you're not spending any money here, you're borrowing them. This is important. Now, you go and sell those shares to someone else, and get $1000. You COULD us this $1000 to pay back your broker, but why do that? Instead, you wait until the stock price drops, let's say to $0.50 a share. Now, you can buy back 1000 shares for $500, and return those 1000 borrowed shares to your broker. You just made $500 by the stock of the company going down, and the broker (usually representing people who go "long") doesn't notice anything: you borrowed 1000 shares, and returned 1000 shares, but you made money on it.

The problem is, when going long, your maximum loss is fixed (the amount your originally paid), but your potential gains are unlimited (the stock could keep rising), and it takes a lot of time to get there. Shorting, on the other hand, is really quick, but this time it's your gains that are limited (a stock can only drop to $0 giving you 100% profit), but your losses are unlimited (the stock could go up and up, and you have to buy back those 1000 shares at a loss to return them to the broker).

Hope that helps!

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"Hey, why did you bring a Brannock Device to the battle?" (dies)

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He should be getting more and more recognition. More and more. Tough fighter. Very, very tough. Mr. General Lee. Lotsa people don't know this but he was also the name of famous Hollywood car in the show with Flower Duke. Oh, true. Flower had great legs. And great big... I like that. Who doesn't like that?

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"I have a great singing voices. One of the greatest. Not the greatest ever - I'm not Peggy Lee - but still great. But I don't want to sing on this important day in this beautiful place. I want to talk about an important song."

The flag flew with big stars and stripes. There was a big fight. Very, very big.
The flags were streaming. Gallantry streaming. Over the things. The top of the fort things.
The rockets were red and exploding in the sky. The beautiful sky.
This was proof that the flags were still there. I don't know why. Proof - why? Do you know why? But it was true. Very true. The flags still there.
The flag - star-spangled banner - waves a lot. It's waving. Always waving. Best, big, beautiful country.
And we have freedom and bravery. We live in the greatest country. Best free and brave home country.


I edited it a bit to be just Trump speaking.

archive.today • Donald Trump's Rambling Rally Speech Raises Questions

Donald Trump's mention of the "beautiful" Battle of Gettysburg during a campaign rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday got the former president some attention on social media, with users wondering what his rambling "rant" was about.

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I knew it was bad but I had no idea it was this bad. If ~99 out of 100 people are refusing to talk to pollsters on the phone - this form of polling seems very questionable at best. Yet phone-based polling is common, the entire American pundit industry uses polling as an all-purpose tool to explain politics, and polling is a malignant force on everything.


If only the suckers could support a different reality tv clown.

archive.today • Truth Social investing is about faith in Trump, not business fundametals - The Washington Post

Jerry Dean McLain first bet on former president Donald Trump's Truth Social two years ago, buying into the Trump company's planned merger partner, Digital World Acquisition, at $90 a share. Over time, as the price changed, he kept buying, amassing hundreds of shares for $25,000 — pretty much his "whole nest egg," he said.

That nest egg has lost about half its value in the past two weeks as Trump Media & Technology Group's share price dropped from $66 after its public debut last month to $32 on Friday. But McLain, 71, who owns a tree-removal service outside Oklahoma City, said he's not worried. If anything, he wants to buy more. "I know good and well it's in Trump's hands, and he's got plans," he said. "I have no doubt it's going to explode sometime."

For shareholders like McLain, investing in Truth Social is less a business calculation than a statement of faith in the former president and the business traded under his initials, DJT.


McLain [said] he believes the stock could "go to $1,000 a share, easy," once the media stops writing so negatively about it and the company works through its growing pains. The company's leaders, he said, are being "too silent right now" amid questions about the falling share price, but he suspects it's because they're working on something amazing and new.

McLain is an amateur trader — he invested only once before and "lost [his] butt" — and said he hasn't talked to his family about his investment, saying, "You know how that is." But he believes the Trump Media deal is a sign he is "supposed to invest," he said. "This isn't just another stock to me. … I feel like it was God Almighty that put it in my lap," he said. "I've just got to hold on and let them do their job. If you go on emotion, you'll get out of this thing the first time it goes down."

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Biden told Netanyahu US will not participate in offensive operations against Iran, US official says

From CNN's MJ Lee

The US will not participate in any offensive operations against Iran, US President Joe Biden has made clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a senior administration official told CNN. The comments were relayed during the phone call that the two leaders shared in the aftermath of Iran's retaliatory strikes against Israel.


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This headline made me laugh.

US wants advanced notice should Israel attack Iran – report

CNN reports that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has asked his counterpart Yoav Gallant to give Washington a heads up before Israel attacks Iran, should it go that route. The request was made when the two spoke Saturday evening, CNN reports.

Source timesofisrael.com. That's the entire "article". I love how they used "CNN reports" twice.

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They are "closely monitoring" to judiciously determine maximum overtime.



About 80 % of students thought this was a swanky straw hat from the 1950s. Truth is that it’s the oldest Roman grasswork "Panama hat" extant, from Fayum in Egypt. In 2017 they radiocarbon dated it to 420-568 CE. Turns out the “Dark Ages” was really more about cool shade (Pitt Rivers Museum, UK) 🎩


Very cute baby beaver (www.youtube.com)
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Sirens in ~~Tel Aviv~~ Jerusalem.

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you were allowed outside without adult supervision before you were 16?

When I was in middle school and beyond - all the time.

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I'm switching between CNN and MSNBC. So far the reports that it's 100s of missiles and drones. "Experts" are saying different things based on that. I started to realize that the experts are simply pulling stuff out of their ass because they get paid to fill time and make rank speculation right now.

I think these simple google searches are pretty good israel iran live updates or [your favorite site] israel iran live updates.

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You could update the link to this article.


[Edit - things are far worse than first reports said.]

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