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You don't take tens of billions from my country to go kill innocent women and children.


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I watched a cam last night, interesting choice to have Dementor (or whatever his name was) try a Populist appeal to the folks of the citadel in the beginning.

Decent watch tho.

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This is awesome, but all I'm thinking about is how UBI would just get swallowed up by landlords raising rent. gui-better

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{bourgeois|___________________} nihilism

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Um, excuse me but Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, National Endowment for Democracy.


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If you've used it, I'm curious as to what potentials do you see from it?

AI, in whatever form, is a Force Multiplier. Being that we are massively outnumbered and overpowered by the foot soldiers of capital, you'd think the left would be falling over themselves trying to master tech that wildly boosts our abilities to create propaganda, spread propaganda, and perform uh (illegal-to-say) ethical penetration testing. Because the reality is that this is going to be used by right wingers to do all those things while we ironically yell bazinga or whatever and argue that it's not really intelligence.

Personally, I'm using ollama locally to run a Mistral llm for coding and computer security related questions. You can bypass most restrictions by asking questions in the context of writing a story. I see a lot of potential in automating much of my security work as the agent/agi frameworks advance. Working with documents is pretty nifty as well and I'm looking forward to when the local models get some of those massive context windows I've been hearing about.

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The unedited Ashita no Joe screenshot I posted last night was removed for being racist, but that's just how they drew anime back in the 70's!😅

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Also, 1990 was like 5 years ago. Wasn't it? chomsky-yes-honey

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