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Can people logged into other instances downvote our comments on other instances?

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Saw this exposé on Austin Red Guards on Twitter.

Take it however you want.

Also why are there so many duplicate comms to post to?

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Our position hasn’t shifted that much from the pod’s position.

The pod has a semi-ironic veneration of China, per the Wolf Warrior episode. It hates the entire US establishment. It wants Iran to get a nuke. Much of its stance is based on opposing what the most awful people in Amerikkka support.

That’s not to say we follow the pod’s marching orders. Rather, we get to the same place for much the same reasons.

The Ukrainian issue is probably the best example of this. No one here’s super pro Putin or his brand of Russian nationalism. When the war started, we were deep into ‘lol there’s not gonna be a war’. We had to eat humble pie, hard.

You know what changed?

Ukrainian flag emojis.

The worst people in the world, with the absolute worst takes, went hard on the Ukraine side.

Was the war a bad idea? Quite possibly. It’ll likely settle into a frozen conflict again, much like it was before, with similar territory, at the cost of a lot of lives.

But seeing people go around, pretending there wasn’t Ukrainian shelling of the Donbas? Pretending Putin hadn’t been pushing for Minsk II to be implemented as agreed? Saying that Putin wants to wage a genocide against Ukraine? Seeing everyone bend over backwards to apologise for literal neo-Nazis?

Fuck that.

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Look we just want high wages, strong regulation, and redistribution of wealth, but without any of the levers of power necessary to achieve it. Is that so much to ask?

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Yeah, the weirdest part about 90s/00s culture is the idea that a stable desk job in an air conditioned office is the worst thing ever.

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9 to 5? Sounds heavenly.

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It’s the best type of bourgeois spectacle. It’s like bum fights, but instead of two unhoused people, it’s two rich assholes. Whoever loses, we win.

If you like legal drama, load up the whole-day episodes from Law and Crime on YouTube, and enjoy. I know I did.

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Here’s a take I saw on Folau that made me pause for a bit.

Missing from the public discourse is the background of how evangelical Christianity swept the Pacific Islands. This the story of colonialism and Christian missionaries and Captain Cook; of the destruction of local religions and languages.

It is the story of how all over the world, cultures that didn’t have laws or customs against homosexuality or gender fluidity could become so puritanical that they turned against their own LGBTIQ brethren in favour of the gospel as preached by their colonisers; only for the colonisers to then finally soften their own stances against homosexuality and decide that homophobia was yet another moral failing of the colonised. *

I still don’t like him, but there’s a grain of truth in it.

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Graeber has you covered.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here. These “heroes” are purely reactionary, in the literal sense. They have no projects of their own, at least not in their role as heroes: as Clark Kent, Superman may be constantly trying, and failing, to get into Lois Lane’s pants, but as Superman, he is purely reactive. In fact, superheroes seem almost utterly lacking in imagination: like Bruce Wayne, who with all the money in the world can’t seem to think of anything to do with it other than to indulge in the occasional act of charity; it never seems to occur to Superman that he could easily carve free magic cities out of mountains.

Almost never do superheroes make, create, or build anything. The villains, in contrast, are endlessly creative. They are full of plans and projects and ideas. Clearly, we are supposed to first, without consciously realizing it, identify with the villains. After all, they’re having all the fun. Then of course we feel guilty for it, re-identify with the hero, and have even more fun watching the superego clubbing the errant Id back into submission.

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V for Vendetta.

A government uses a false flag pandemic to consolidate power through provision of a vaccine. A single person in a Guy Fawkes mask wins the populace over with atrociously verbose wordplay and domestic terrorism. He also wins the girl over to his ideology by kidnapping and torturing her.

It’s less lib and more outright reactionary, but whatever.

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I’m digging the encryption clues.

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Fuck golf.

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For my mental health, I’m assuming it’s a bit.

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Parenti has a short primer.

Maidan put pro-west, anti-Russian fash sympathisers in charge. The population of Crimea, being ethnically and historically Russian, said ‘fuck this’ and left, then joined Russia.

There was various degrees of US support to Maidan and Russian support to Crimean independence.

Geopolitically, the annexation of Crimea was a response to the west’s pulling of Ukraine into its orbit. The Russian preference would have been to keep a Ukrainian govt sympathetic to Russia. But when that proved impossible, taking only the pro-Russian portion of Ukraine was the next best choice.

My understanding is that, historically, Crimea was Russian, and was transferred to Ukraine as a gift during the USSR era.

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I’ve seen a fair few threads asking about the New Zealand Labour Party and it’s leader Jacinda Ardern, given its historic win last night. Here’s a brief explainer for why she isn’t the second coming of Lenin (or even Michael Joseph Savage).

Ardern is our equivalent of Obama, or Biden, or Buttigieg. She’s very good at saying nothing and sounding meaningful about it. She talks about compassion and will even say that capitalism has failed, but when push comes to shove she walks the same neoliberal path that the Labour Party started down in 1984.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. She worked as a senior policy advisor under war criminal Tony Blair after the Iraq war. Ardern is our version of Justin Trudeau. Foreigners swoon over her, but she’s a neoliberal through and through.

Here’s an article from our local left media outlet mocking this perception foreigners have of her.

International readers who are vaguely interested in New Zealand’s politics probably don’t actually care all that much that most of what was announced yesterday was heavily contested from many different and diverse perspectives. Going by much of that overseas coverage, it appears that what they’re really interested in reading about is an avatar for a better world, one that they wish they lived in. New Zealand, the country so fantastical that some people don’t even believe it really exists, is a beautiful dream for many people in countries like the USA and Britain that are governed by grotesque oafs.

While Labour has done alright in terms of handling the attack on the mosque in Christchurch, we can’t ignore the county’s racist refugee policy that would make Donald Trump and Australia blush.

Let’s get into the weeds. Prior to COVID, Labour’s budgets were perfunctory and third-way budget, not ‘transformational’ like they try to paint it.

Here’s what NZ socialist Morgan Godfrey has to say about the budget:

Labour's current conservatism reaches its peak in the unintentionally funny Budget Responsibility Rules (BRRs). Under the BRRs the government commits to paying down debt and keeping core Crown spending within certain limits. The Oxford English Dictionary will probably define “neoliberalism” as “the Budget Responsibility Rules” in its next edition. What’s striking, though, is not even English made a commitment like the BRRs, probably recognising they risked constraining any reformist agenda in a hypothetical fifth term. Remind me, who's on the left again?

Ardern’s Labour Government refused to deliver a capital gains tax in the midst of a housing crisis, after setting up a tax working group to recommend that very tax. Furthermore, she can’t even blame it on coalition partners, as she went on to rule out a capital gains tax in her political lifetime. So her recent outright victory in the 2020 election will do nothing for even marginally leftwards movement here, since the restrictions are self imposed.

Look to the attitudes of the unions that survived the 1984 Labour Government. On the eve of the recent budget delivery, all primary and secondary school teachers walked off the job in a mega strike.

This is a government that’s tied its own hands and refused to take on debt to rebuild infrastructure despite credit agencies saying it could comfortably borrow much more. Post COVID, the Government continues to underspend, especially on climate change compared to its peers.

Despite unemployment only looking to return to current levels by 2025, Labour has ignored the recommendations of the welfare working group they themselves commissioned, to immediately and significantly increase the amount paid to beneficiaries. In contrast, the Australian Liberals, their right wing party, doubled welfare payment amounts due to COVID.

The cherry on top is that our welfare agency regularly trawls through beneficiaries’ private text messages for nudes to make sure they aren’t fucking anyone. How’s that for compassion?

While Ardern is more than happy to front up to the cameras when facing crises from external sources, like pandemics, volcanoes, and terrorism, she’s notorious for hiding away when it’s the government’s actions that caused the crises.

Take for example land theft of the native Māori peoples. Faced with a land occupation, she staunchly refused to visit, despite multiple invitations.

Or when the state got filmed trying to take a newborn Māori baby from its mother in the birthing ward, leading outcry, Ardern, along with the Minister for Children, refused to watch the video, or read the resulting report of mothers’ experiences at the hands of the state.

This all leads to the left asking, if she’s going to govern like National, what’s even the point of Jacinda Ardern and the NZ Labour Party?

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I would put this in !Juche, but since we don’t have that, here will have to do.

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I get that the mod team doesn’t want to be seen as ‘censoring’ or shutting down discussion, especially without elections or a community mandate, but this approach isn’t panning out, and it’s getting frustrating as hell for the userbase.

We’d even be better off having a front page full of China struggle sessions than this garbage.

They’ve tried reaching a consensus with the wreckers, but it’s not happening.

Let’s get that community mandate, and move on.

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