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My favourite part is that he left the mini shredder for someone else to clean up.

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Austin Powers diplomacy

Reddit AITA diplomacy

White dude mic drop diplomacy

"How blud felt saying that" diplomacy

[-] EllenKelly@hexbear.net 7 points 1 month ago

Its just so embarrassing, a good reminder its all political theatre and nothing will change

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Breadtube if it didn't suck.

Post videos you genuinely enjoy and want to share, duh. Celebrate the diversity of interests shared by chapochatters by posting a deep dive into Venetian kelp farming, I dunno. Also media criticism, bite-sized versions of left-wing theory, all the stuff you expected. But I am curious about that kelp farming thing now that you mentioned it.

Low effort / spam videos might be removed, especially weeb content.

There is a cytube that you can paste videos into and watch with whoever happens to be around. It's open submission unless there's something important to commandeer it with at the time.

A weekly watch party happens every Saturday (Sunday down under), with video nominations Saturday-Monday, voting Monday-Thursday. See the pin for whatever stage it's currently in.

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