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I think this is called an orchiectomy.

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He did what he had to do and took Kissinger with him.

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I love how in addition to this unhinged shit, he slides the implication that $70 is the price of a game, you know. $70. The price it's always been. The correct price of a game. Why, every single game has costed $70 since time immemorial. I remember heading down to the video store and paying $70 for a revocable temporary license for an Atari game (subject to activation server uptime) back in the 80s! Who doesn't?

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Truly a miracle to survive being within 10 ft of a tesla.

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Many people have a desire to punch them in the face and run away. They virtually always covertly record video for just that reason with the intent to sue. Usually from multiple locations.

Legally I cannot tell you "good luck."

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Had to borrow a tesla like a week ago and it absolutely did hit a curb, so it's definitely capable.

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Yeah, this is a Colorado county wanting to sue the state, not a Texas county.

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Truly amazing how this guy is basically just trying to be Steven Seagal, but not sitting down the whole time

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Generation TERF is the demographic cohort following the Baby Boomers and preceding Millennials. Researchers and popular media often use the mid-1960s as its starting birth years and the late 1970s as its ending birth years, with the generation being generally defined as people born from 1965 to 1980.[1]

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Truly Earth is the best planet in the world.

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Okay but actually though, where did you find this actual picture I took of my friends from high school and our computers before a lan party?

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Yep! He's still alive but retired and wants to be left alone, so it's best to respect that.


Seriously, I've spent like an hour searching and there appear to be absolutely no used cars in the US or Canada priced at or under $500. In fact, they're not even really close. I can only find a handful of cars under $1000, and they all seem to be parts cars that have major issues that are insurmountable for all but experienced mechanics who happen to have a spare engine laying around.

Am I just searching in the wrong places or what? Where have all the cheap-ass cars gone in this car-mandatory society?


James Carvel.

Fudgie the Cajun Style Whale

Idk someone with more bit-development time can make this something

⚠️Trade Offer⚠️ (www.techspot.com)





Seriously, though. Are these things really that popular?


Holy shit what is wrong with these people


Saw some gameplay from SMT3 and SMT5 and they look like the most generic video game of all time. Why do people care about these.

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Critical support for fucking over the Moonies, but straight to the gulag for attempted landlordism.

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Whatever has the most upbears wins


My Thinkpad p50 came stock with a terrible BOE display that I despise, the colours are awful and the backlight is worse. I know you can swap it out for less crappy displays, I'm just wondering if there's any reason that this Samsung OLED panel (the only one I could find on panelook with the seemingly correct specs) wouldn't work. If anyone could double check this before I blow like $250CAD on a display that'd be super.

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