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So, that's literally everything now, right? Biden's administration has now officially done nothing over the last 4 years, aside from ending the COVID State of Emergency?

And of course propping up fascist regimes in Ukraine and Israel.

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British innovations in thoughtcrime.

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This is basically the MO of all long-running shows on The CW, I've heard that it's basically mandatory. Idk if it's that the network execs demand some sort of change to the story to justify a new season being made, or if it's a dumb marketing strategy to build hype, or what.

The CW is basically a nightmare land that can only churn out low-tier slop that can't even sustain a fanbase to the point of souring people off of longstanding beloved franchises by milking them to death, but every so often they accidentally make something watchable.

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Yeah, it kinda keeps trying to have this huge cliffhanger "oh shit everything has changed" moment at the end of each season and it barely holds on each time. Tough to do well, tougher to keep doing well.

I think it's a surprisingly good show for being on the CW, and the budget they had.

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iZombie actually goes hard.

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But consider the far more terrifying

Taylor Swift (R) vs Tucker Carlson (D)

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But yeah, that sucks.

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My goal is to be able to make little functional and decorative parts that look "good" without too terribly much post-processing. For example, I'd like to be able to print a case for the communist fantasy console project I'm working on and have the different parts actually line up instead of being all warped. Little functional parts for fixing things around the house, or printing decorations or prosthetics (Canadian healthcare basically only covers them in BC, so a lot of people never even have the chance to get one.) idk about printing a gun, especially as far as legality goes, but it sounds like that's on the "easier" side of FDM manufacturing from what you say

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Yeah. This pic goes really hard.

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I'm right around the millennial/zoomer gap, and I have fond memories of playing a shitload of time crisis and tcII at my local arcade which also had a dope go-kart track.

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This dude is a 2a extremist who literally calls his fanbase the "Demolitia." If you're making jokes about being a militia and all your content is about guns and building a Ruby Ridge type compound, you don't get to claim surprise or innocence when one of your nutjobs does something violent.


It seems like they're all really expensive, with most halfway decent ones being over $1000. It also seems like they're really finicky and hard to get working consistently.

Are there any 3d printers that are actually a refined product, something you can just get and start using? I don't want to spend most of my time fiddling with the settings and having to buy a ton of upgrades in the hopes of getting it to be a functional machine that can actually be used to print out parts.

If there are any out there that are basically self-maintaining or highly automated in terms of configuring themselves correctly, is it only the really expensive ones, or are there more affordable sort of "get and forget" printers that you can just set up and start using?

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Consider the RSI-prone gamer. I would like to have healthy hands and wrists in older age and still use the computer.


Looking for a matching set (brand/aesthetic wise) of a mechanical keyboard and mouse for gaming that:

  • Isn't super tacky or coated in branding

  • Has a detachable usb c cable (sick of mini-usb and I will never be okay with a fixed cable on a keyboard)

  • Has build quality that's actually halfway decent

  • Isn't ludicrously expensive

  • Is compatible with something like Artemis RGB or Aurora RGB for aRGB game integration (my little crow brain likes when the blinky gamer lights change colors when I reload and stuff in games)

I don't know if I'm just bad at researching this sort of thing but it really seems like all the options out there only meet one or two of these requirements at best. Is this just the state of the market when it comes to these things? Do I need to build a custom keyboard?


They're not even doing refunds or recalls, they're just giving people 2 free months of the subscription and telling them to only charge the device and the hotswap add-on batteries with the home charger.

This piece of shit has a 4 hour standby time if you're not using the case to recharge the batteries. Literally unusable.

peppino-ha techbros owned.

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Seriously, I've spent like an hour searching and there appear to be absolutely no used cars in the US or Canada priced at or under $500. In fact, they're not even really close. I can only find a handful of cars under $1000, and they all seem to be parts cars that have major issues that are insurmountable for all but experienced mechanics who happen to have a spare engine laying around.

Am I just searching in the wrong places or what? Where have all the cheap-ass cars gone in this car-mandatory society?

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James Carvel.

Fudgie the Cajun Style Whale

Idk someone with more bit-development time can make this something

⚠️Trade Offer⚠️ (www.techspot.com)


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