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god her profile on the guardian is just beat for beat hot topic reactionary trash. Someone please tell these wretched concern trolls that its actually cis-ciety that enforces the strict gender binary

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Thank you comrade, its really appreciated

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I, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine.

Oh Gina, I guess that's why they call her snowball, it's like Animal Farm out here, the CIA's fingerprints are all over it.

No, Gina Rinehart should not be able to bully and pressure a gallery to remove an image of her likeness, not she should not be in a position where australian "sporting legends" and numerous other groups lobby for what she wants on her behalf.

The last week has been a fantastic reminder of how the world works.

The most flattering image of Gina in the room, is still the ugliest picture in the room, its the energy emanating out of her very being.

If you want the privacy you suddenly so desperately crave, maybe keep your dirty dealings where people can't see them.

You and your genocidal kin deserve the ridicule you get.

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I know the goonies is a very nostalgic movie for a lot of people, but if it makes you feel any better, its sincerely, very bad, i'm glad you got a walk in that day at least

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I'd recommend commemorating types like these on their birthdays, death anniversaries, etc, instead of some yankie patriot holiday

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For the most part you can do that now, you won't be able to change it on a bank card, or licence, etc, but i stopped using my birthname years ago for free

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Respectfully, no.

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>So, in order to meet my personal definition of a neo-Nazi, you have to call for actual violence

a real response I got from a terf once, turns out theyre actually huge fans of self-identification

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Its especially funny because people will fall over themselves if they realise they've misgendered an animal

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Forgive me if I do not give a shit what some US org has to say about anything

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A gorgeous poster, thank you for sharing this

edit: the longer I look at this the more that dark caricatures nose looks vaguely antisemitic, I have no idea why theyd draw him that that

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... I should get a peacoat

Jim The Charmer (hexbear.net)

Bit late for the australian federal budget but it's been on my mind, and I'm trying to do more "nice" things for myself by making art and junk

context https://archive.md/5N2tr

Father-of-three Treasurer Jim Chalmers says he would like to see Australians have more children.

all while there's a national debate seething about the number of migrants coming to the country, a Labor government you say? I'm shocked! Take some fucking personal responsibility and squeeze out a kid for the economy, who's going to look after you otherwise??


someone let me know if it's better to post these in /c/art or /c/comics, I'm having major imposter syndrome and can't decide.

ps shoutout to comrades who encouraged me to try krita

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Im so glad I started so many comments on reddit with shit like listen here, you disingenuous little removed, you're welcome

PaidProtestor.jpeg (hexbear.net)

the author said that while he has “argued for a Palestinian state for most of my life – since the 1980s, probably –"

He was born before the Nakba ffs, read Stalin on the national question:


A nation has the right freely to determine its own destiny. It has the right to arrange its life as it sees fit, without, of course, trampling on the rights of other nations. That is beyond dispute.


I am sick of smart guys pretending they do not understand the goal of national liberation movements. The struggle does not end when Palestine is recognised as a state.

ps have a nice day comrades, communism will win, up the P.F.L.P.

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"Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, has demanded the National Gallery of Australia remove a portrait of her from an exhibition by Archibald Prize-winning Indigenous artist Vincent Namatjira.

The billionaire mining mogul directly approached NGA director Nick Mitzevich and NGA chair Ryan Stokes in April to press for the portrait’s removal.

There have since been more than a dozen complaints to the gallery from associates of her company, Hancock Prospecting, which have accused the NGA of “doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party” by displaying her image in an unflattering way."

Archived article from the Age

Article from the Guardian

The Streisand effect is an unintended consequence of attempts to hide, remove, or censor information, where the effort instead increases public awareness of the information. The effect is named for American singer and actress Barbra Streisand, whose attorney's attempt in 2003 to suppress the publication of a photograph showing her clifftop residence in Malibu, taken to document coastal erosion in California, inadvertently drew far greater attention to the previously obscure photograph.[1] The effect exemplifies psychological reactance: where the desire to hide information instead makes its propagation more likely.


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My favourite part is that he left the mini shredder for someone else to clean up.


Happy Victory Day comrades

Not linking to the tweet because theyre posting patsoc tier trash, concern trolling about satan and transgender people


I think I might be unironically be on team #defundtheABC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I remade some some old CDU anti communist poster.


Fun little tidbit for all the comrades, the nazis outlawed the use of the Fraktur font and the like in 1941. and google has a free font based on Franktur

NSDAP announcement banning Gothic scripts

The memorandum from 1941 is itself typed in Antiqua, but the NSDAP letterhead is printed in Fraktur.

"For general attention, on behalf of the Führer, I make the following announcement:

It is wrong to regard or to describe the so-called Gothic script as a German script. In reality, the so-called Gothic script consists of Schwabach Jew letters. Just as they later took control of the newspapers, upon the introduction of printing the Jews residing in Germany took control of the printing presses and thus in Germany the Schwabach Jew letters were forcefully introduced.

Today the Führer, talking with Herr Reichsleiter Amann and Herr Book Publisher Adolf Müller, has decided that in the future the Antiqua script is to be described as normal script. All printed materials are to be gradually converted to this normal script. As soon as is feasible in terms of textbooks, only the normal script will be taught in village and state schools.

The use of the Schwabach Jew letters by officials will in future cease; appointment certifications for functionaries, street signs, and so forth will in future be produced only in normal script.

On behalf of the Führer, Herr Reichsleiter Amann will in future convert those newspapers and periodicals that already have foreign distribution, or whose foreign distribution is desired, to normal script".


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post racial meritocracy 🧐



Just minutes after the first bounce in a round one AFL game, families watching on free-to-air television were exposed to more than 70 gambling ads – and all before 8pm.


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fixed some trash I saw on another instance

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