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It was never about profit it was always about getting people to voluntarily install Spyware devices in their homes. I'm sure the massive amounts of data they collected was the point

[-] Nakoichi@hexbear.net 7 points 1 hour ago

Lmao so of course they locked and deleted it

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This kind of shitpost is why I fucking love you all.

I just got an invasive thought. I must now make up lyrics to Alanis Morissette's Ironic but instead of "it figures" it's "it Chigurhs"

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Here's someone else's video in lieu of my own pictures. https://youtu.be/qrqeVfmEYzs

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Apparently my images are too big for the rest, is there a way to do embeds with links instead of uploading?

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Also I love that you basically reported me to myself.

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Not like you got to be the geoguesser guy to know where I am in this Pic lol.

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@kristina@hexbear.net I appreciate the concern but I highly doubt this is doxxable.

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It's technically not a crime if they just let you do it cuz you can't tap to pay. Toll skipping was a slight exaggeration.

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Lol yeah, I am not short too

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Here's the one Eugene Dabs made


I just got another free ride from a cool bus driver comrade.

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I been here for less than 24hr and done like 7 instances of toll skipping. They don't want you to know this but the trams and busses in Seattle are free, you can just take them. I have over 100 miles of free rides.

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They literally just vibe checked me as someone good at raising money and right for the job which, yeah.

Unfortunately the timing is horrible as I am on my way to South Dakota.

I made it to the Lenin statue. (media.discordapp.net)
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I hate flying and will not fly sober.


Tomorrow at about 1pm I am going to be in Seattle with no ride home and no ride to my destination (Pine Ridge). One way or another I am getting there, even if it means buying another plane ticket. If I do not have to pay for half the rental car that means I have an extra $1300 for my travel budget.

So my question is, can anyone help me get to Pine Ridge in South Dakota from Seattle in 5 days, I am not an experienced traveler and don't have a drivers license.

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