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Where I live we have ants that emanate a smell when disturbed; You can actually see their little butts releasing it. Not sure if it's for deterrence or pheromone to their buddies or both. Cause it does stink.

Most propagandized people in the world. Capital taking it out on the poor.

Well at least Zelensky and his cohort will be okay.

Also any guess as to why 'displaced persons camp'? Pretty sure those used to be refuge camps.

Collective punishment. Cold blooded murder.


Pretty funny how Reddit is so convinced I want their content I MUST use their app.

And the article is clearly talking about the fucking show. He's a pedantic dipshit.

(Points at the sign) 'Pointing out the hypocrisy in Chud policy is liberal tail chasing.'

It's what having no ideology does to a mfer. Just one talking point to the next. One culture war pearl clutch to the next, ad absurdium.

I think that's a bit harsh. You can't just confront a junky and fix them. You can't just talk to them and fix them. It's a path they've got figure out themselves. And if you push too hard or draw a line odds are they will leave.

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La wee wee




Like who cares. They're afraid of even letting a crowd form at the DNC.


Holy shit.


Apparently Mexico and Yugoslavia had much cultural exchange in the 50's, 60's.


What were they planning on doing?!?!?!


Look at that grip.



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Yeah there's a problem with the economy. I'm not going to let my kids go out and spend half their income on rent. I'll do my damnedest to let them stay with me and built up savings so that when they decide to leave they have the potential to buy a place.


We have the ablility to house, feed, educate, clothe, and medically assist everyone. But the money!!

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