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is this true? I know nothing about US politics, but everything I hear from/about Bernie makes him sound awesome.

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Maybe Daddy was sick too.

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this Lemmite MICs

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that's why we're ~~trolling~~ scrolling ncd

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but I wanted to roll a new character

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I am brainstorming right now.

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Keeping the thermometer in the 9 Pro seems like the most interesting part of this story.

I've started using the thermometer in my P8P. The UI is terrible. But sometimes I want to know how hot something is.

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I think this misses the cultural shift around the popularization of the web/Internet.

There used to be a high barrier to entry for creating content. The folks who were capable and willing to surmount that barrier posted stuff that nerds like us enjoyed. It was really hard to monetize (unless porn), so it was typically free.

Then social networks came along and made it easy for everyone to post. Just like normal society, the non-nerds started drowning out the nerdy early adopters.

Certain networks became cool (Twitter, Medium) because cool normies were on there (aka the network effect), and that pulled many nerds of self hosted software.

Other social networks were monetizable and incredibly accessible (YouTube), which pulled many other nerds off self hosted software.

Proprietary networks suck morally, but they're incredibly easy to use and democratizing. That cranks their network effect to 11 and makes the old school web less rewarding.

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As a smooth brain, I needed the explanation:

In this comic, we find Einstein imagining the scenario that would later help to make him famous, but before any particularly profound revelations have been established. It is currently just, so to speak, a flight of fantasy.

In a similar vein, the Title text refers to one of the long-standing issues about the orbit of Mercury - that it doesn't quite orbit the Sun in the way that Newtonian physics would suggest. We now know that this is accounted for by General Relativity

ngl, not my favourite xkcd, but I did learn something. Maybe a few things.

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Favermetrics raises a good point

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Nurse practitioners could help fill the void, advocates for the profession say, if more provinces would adopt policies to integrate them into primary care and pay them fairly for their work. Some physicians’ organizations have pushed back against that approach, arguing that NPs don’t have as much training or education as family doctors and therefore should only be funded publicly when they’re embedded in interdisciplinary teams with MDs.

Aren't these the same organizations that have been dragging their feet on recognizing foreign credentials?

I've been seeing a nurse practitioner for the last couple of years. So far, she's provided the same level of care I'm used to from family doctors: prescriptions, forwarding me to specialists when appropriate, providing the usual advice during checkups. It's fine.


Edit: took out my grumbly summary, since our healthcare spending seems to be middle of the pack, compared to peer countries.

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The octopus is one of nearly 5m Lego pieces that fell into the sea in 1997 when a storm hit a cargo ship 20 miles off Land’s End, Cornwall. While 352,000 pairs of flippers, 97,500 scuba tanks, and 92,400 swords went overboard, the octopuses are considered the most prized finds as only 4,200 were onboard.

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Yellow Dot studios has been releasing YouTube videos trying to mobilize "populist anger" over the climate crisis.

Advice for Cyberpunk RED? (sh.itjust.works)
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I'm thinking of running a Cyberpunk RED campaign. My group has played D&D together for about five years now.

Any suggestions or advice on running the game? Are there any game play or mechanics tips that would help people coming from D&D?

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What you should not do:

Experts have for years pointed out that’s a bad idea – and now Apple is officially warning users not to do it.

“Don’t put your iPhone in a bag of rice. Doing so could allow small particles of rice to damage your iPhone,” the company says in a recent support note spotted by Macworld. Along with the risk of damage, testing has suggested uncooked rice is not particularly effective at drying the device.

What you should do:

If your phone isn’t functioning at all, turn it off right away and don’t press any buttons. The next steps depend on your specific circumstances, but broadly speaking: dry it with a towel and put it in an airtight container packed with silica packets if you have them. Don’t charge it until you’re sure it’s dry.

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3,000 keyboard warriors of the Eurozone

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Privacy (for robot vacuums) isn't cheap. via the Verge.

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I enjoyed that brief Android Chrome experiment where the browser supported moving the address bar to the bottom. Now that feature has been made available on iOS, but remains AWOL on Android.

Hacking your robot vacuum (www.theverge.com)
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A Verge story on hacking your robot vacuum so it doesn't phone home.


I had a cold last month, but I'm still getting rid of a mild cough. This seems pretty timely for me.

The findings suggest there may be long-lasting health impacts after non-Covid acute respiratory infections such as colds, influenza, or pneumonia, that have been going unrecognised.

However, the researchers do not yet have evidence suggesting that the symptoms have the same severity or duration as long Covid.

How can I crosspost? (sh.itjust.works)

With the website there's a handy crosspost button when I'm scrolling a feed. Is there similar way to crosspost with Sync?

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