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[-] happybadger@hexbear.net 29 points 1 week ago

What's a biodegradable alternative to this? I like the principle but wouldn't want to hurt wildlife with broken glass.

[-] culpritus@hexbear.net 22 points 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago)

biodegradable water balloons and a slingshot would probably work well

the tricky part would be getting the balloons filled with paint

[-] determinism2@hexbear.net 25 points 1 week ago

Any time i see those falun gong advertisements in my community, I have daydreams of setting up one of those balloon slingshots in the back of a pickup like some mad max technical and just cruising the outerbelt with paint balloons.

[-] JoeByeThen@hexbear.net 10 points 1 week ago
[-] vulture_god@lemmy.dbzer0.com 3 points 1 week ago

I have only a passing familiarity with Falun Gong, so I looked up the Wikipedia page for it and damn, there's a lot to get through.

From what I can tell, it's a new age cult with surprisingly authoritarian / right wing leanings.

Because I'm here on Hexbear, and familiar with the lies / omissions commonly in wiki, I'm curious if you'd be interested in telling me more about your perspective on the group?

[-] JoeByeThen@hexbear.net 14 points 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago)

Check the how to section. Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to @happybadger@hexbear.net

`A lot of paint has sprayed from the can since the inception of BUGA-UP in October 1979. Since then the number of graffitists actively involved in BUGA-UP grew from three people working in the inner city of Sydney to people working across Australia, and across the world!

People from 8 to 71 years old were active in BUGA-UP. These included entire families - carpenters, domestic and health workers, graphic artists, hairdressers, taxi-drivers, a wrestler, journalists, students, pensioners, research and metal workers, kindergarten teachers, technicians, public servants, unionists and clergy - to name but a few!

Originally the BUGA-UP campaign was broadly aimed at all unhealthy billboard advertisements. However, in response to public opinion we soon focussed our attention on tobacco & alcohol promotions and other promotions that were socially and visually assaulting.

This was one of the earliest examples of Culture Jamming in the world, and certainly in Australia.

This site is dedicated to the activistes who have not only risked arrest, but injury through fence-jumping, scaffold-climbing, dog-chasing and the dreaded spray-back on those cold windy nights.`

BUGA-UP, Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions

[-] happybadger@hexbear.net 23 points 1 week ago

Take one raw egg. With a needle drill a hole in the top of the egg, gently breaking away about 1/2 sq. cm of shell (Illust. C, No. 1). Insert the needle and stir up the yolk and white. Poke another hole in the same end of the egg, about 3 cm from the first hole (Illust. C). Blow through the second hole so that the yolk and white come out the first hole (Illust. D). Have an omelette! Make up a mixture of 50% black, red, yellow, blue or fluorescent green oil-based paint and 50% thinner (eg. turps, petrol, kerosene). Alternatively, make up a solution of colour-fast dye, mixing it with a thickener such as cornflour over heat until you get a gravy-type consistency. Pour this mixture into a~thin-nozzled, screw-top bottle. Seal the second hole of the egg with a pasty mixture of flour and water or candle wax (Illust. E). Pour in the paint/ dye solution through the first hole (Illust. F) and seal it also. You now have a perfect-sized, semi-biodegradable missile. We’ve found these little beauties very effective.

[-] krolden@lemmy.ml 13 points 1 week ago
[-] MovingThrowaway@hexbear.net 7 points 1 week ago

Paintball gun maybe? Don't have to be a good throw that way

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