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TFW finding out Epstein is dead

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I'm a member of the public and wish that hormones came with an AK. That count?

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I think it's more of a "look at the state he's in" thing rather than specifically about the eye

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Cool shit? New mixes of band stuff are sounding great and we've been doing some productive recording.

Bad news? Lost my means of earning money, and not sure if its temporary. Got back on the hunt for a substantial 'real job,' but going back tonight to both look for other online shit, as well as try setting myself up with my partners account since she did the same thing I was for a bit, but never completed the training.

Other news? Back in therapy and on new meds, but the new meds dont seem to have their intended effect.

Gonna go putter around and do my little tasks for the day. Holler at me!

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He purrs like a cat when getting belly rubs

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The pups are both getting on well together! Here's Dr Chopper saying hi

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That fucking bastard, now I have to pay rent

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Been listening to a lot of Septic Death this week, and Genital Mutilation goes hard, but guessing you probably know them

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Im cookin mah beanis

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Hello fellow redditors, DAE le sexy sex? Porn woman hot, updoots to the left!

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Jamiroquai owl

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They make a damn fine guitar amp.

Marshall? Matamp? Orange? Hiwatt? Hell yes to all of them, gimme them hot sizzling EL34 toanz


Doesn't need to be vegan but it can be




"It must be so freeing to stand for nothing."


If you havent, search for "amityville" on Tubi and there's so much slop.


The Phonophobia LP is full of certified bangers

That is all

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