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feeling good. glad to have people around me who actually see and understand who i am and what i'm doing

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i've been thinking about this too. honestly we should try to make a list

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that's probably for the best. i don't think there should be a public record of my brain stuff

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mental healthi think i was doing this one as some weird self-harm ritual, very glad i was able to delete it

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wonderful, i want the next one to be sonic themed

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is there anything better than typing a journal entry into the text box and then deleting it before you publish it to the world

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what does a gal gotta do to helm one of these

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trans hillary clinton is gonna be my alt account and everyone is gonna hate me within a week

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what about Hillary Clinton x Rosalynn Carter

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i tried that but nobody else ships Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton

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we're back in it. news mega can kiss my ass

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sleep on the toilet like an adult


they really hired a team of writers to become Brandon while he gets over "long covid". what the fuck

what if he's already dead and they prop him up and use AI to make his face move on video like a grotesque present-day Weekend at Bernie's? i would vote for that


god is so good... this is what it's all about folks. they even got will sasso to come back! sheldonites and big bangers are feasting


I figured it would be nice to get a thread up for questions and comments that people may think don't deserve their own thread.

  • What are you reading?
  • What did you recently read that was good?
  • What did you recently read that was bad?
  • Do you have recommendations?

I just got done with Walking Dead (I know) and I couldn't help but enjoy the preview of Murder Falcon in the back of an issue. It's a story about a guy who gets the power to summon a giant muscly falcon with the power of playing metal. It's surprisingly heartfelt and bittersweet and it only runs for 8 issues so you can knock it out in a day if you really want to.

I also really like the new Ultimate Spider-Man stuff they're doing. It's nice to see Peter happy but I can't shake the feeling that they're gonna ruin his life very soon. Honestly I'm happy when Marble does anything that isn't the same thing they've been doing for 30 years. Check out Ultimate X-Men as well if you like capeshit type stuff.




this is for everyone who is missing someone this valentine's day

yeah i read theory (hexbear.net)

it is incredibly baffling to me. like if i'm sending a picture of my little bone to someone asking for a rating, the last thing i want to do is include money with the request. it taints the sanctity of the rating process by artificially inflating your score. i don't want someone saying i have an 8/10 dick when it's really a 4 or 5. it's insanity

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this small town girl in rural Texas vs the patriarchy ๐Ÿค˜ one more for Beto

:vote: https://www.reddit.com/r/WitchesVsPatriarchy/comments/yf03ly/this_small_town_girl_in_rural_texas_vs_the/ :i-voted:


I think my favorite is farter. it does so much in just 6 letters.

gimmicks attached to names work too, like neera_tanden. she is very funny

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