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Bit late for the australian federal budget but it's been on my mind, and I'm trying to do more "nice" things for myself by making art and junk

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Father-of-three Treasurer Jim Chalmers says he would like to see Australians have more children.

all while there's a national debate seething about the number of migrants coming to the country, a Labor government you say? I'm shocked! Take some fucking personal responsibility and squeeze out a kid for the economy, who's going to look after you otherwise??


someone let me know if it's better to post these in /c/art or /c/comics, I'm having major imposter syndrome and can't decide.

ps shoutout to comrades who encouraged me to try krita

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[-] the_itsb@hexbear.net 7 points 3 weeks ago

I dropped out of art school, so I'm no expert, but I think it would fit either place.

I'm sorry to hear about your imposter syndrome, because I think this is really cool. It's bold and colorful without being overwhelming, there's so much action and emotion in your line work! Tbqh, it feels to me like part of a series, it makes me want a dozen more, so I hope you had fun with it and decide you want to keep going.

[-] EllenKelly@hexbear.net 5 points 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much comrade! I think I'm going to put a lot more work into political cartoons in the near future

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