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Duncan Idaho.


I love my weird as fuck friends.

I thought it was OK.

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Granted there’s a slight chance it was my opp. Doubt it though because he’s addicted to fentanyl and knows that if he fucks with me nobody will help him find it anymore.


Luckily I was out grabbing a quesadilla while this happened. I came back and saw the fucking stream of pepper spray crap on my sleeping bag, and one other bag.

The fuck.

Legit actual Christians are pretty based.


I stumbled upon this thread while feeding the bugs that now occupy 37.294% of my brain case. Holy shit I am terrified of the future. People actually fucking believe this shit. No fucking awareness whatsoever that it’s *checks notes* an election year, and this “border crisis” seemingly materialized out of nowhere. Oh and COVID never happened. None of that is because of COVID.

Conservatives will do anything to misidentify/ignore the root causes of all this shit.

Here in Oregon these dumb fucks are actually blaming urban decay and the fentanyl epidemic on drug decriminalization (which passed when it was just starting to reach critical mass) and the Bottle Bill (we're one of only a handful of states where you can collect certain plastic bottles/aluminum cans/glass bottles and redeem them for cash).


If you ask “Are you a whale?” I will ignore you and your question will not be relayed to him (he can’t read, because he’s a—FUCK [“I’m a whale!”]


In response to the Semper Fi dude saluting the Muad’dib Paul Atreides (edited slightly to be uh better):


Here, Hear IV (hexbear.net)

I know there’s a couple other La Dispute fans here. Thoughts on the new EP or whatever it is?

Fifteen is probably my favorite. I love the reference to crust punks and SHARPs, but that isn’t why I love it.

The last four spoken word tracks (Kinross, The Crash, Light and Shadows, Reformation) are great.


I’m not skeptical per se. I’ve just been propagandized so fucking much—I grew up watching those propagandocumentaries on the National Geographic Channel about the DPRK, etc., fr that was what I watched instead of cartoons lol.

Pretend I’m a lib who you’re trying to convince, or something. In addition to calming this feeling in my gut like something isn’t making sense, I want to be able to make this argument, myself.


Last year someone gave me a pair of Sennheiser headphones—dead ass gave them to me. I was ballin’. I got to be a homeless person with an iPhone 12 and a pair of Sennheisers. And then my idiot friend set off a series of unfortunate events that resulted in the loss of my headphones, along with everything else I owned at the time.

So last month when this very sweet devout Christian saw a comment of mine about being a homeless drug addict, and sent me $300. I bought a new pair of Sennheisers on Mercari. I’m pretty sure it was the same model even.

I finally got around to checking my mail and—the headphones are fucked off. They won’t pair or fucking anything.

I had to fight the screaming urge to slam them on the ground.


I’m being smuggled in on a bike trailer. It’s fucking hilarious.

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That fucking thing dead ass LOOKS like original fucking PlayStation graphics in real life. Like dead ass.


He carves his name in that old brass bell
So when it rings he can hear it in hell
One last look to that western sky
One last wish he could have changed his life
"I ain't, ain't no wicked man"
He let his fleet slip from under him, unwanted

Fucking brutal shit, fam.


It’s some stupid AA/NA bullshit, I don’t know. And while it isn’t always a sign that someone is a chode—I used to have a friend who used the phrase, and would send me money specifically so I wouldn’t have to go into withdrawal—every other time I’ve seen this term used, it’s come from someone who’s actively trying to make life for actual addicts an even worse Hell than it usually already is—usually by spreading and enforcing stereotypes and junk science—and then trying to be like “Hey, I’m an addict too.”

And what’s really gross is how these people seem to actually believe that they’re helping us. It doesn’t matter how much I scream in pain—the unyielding finger-pointing, the trashing of my image, the burning of my sources for kickdowns or whatever, the stress and the self-loathing they try to impress upon me, it’s all because I have to “hit rock bottom” in order to seek help and get sober. And of course they don’t care if “rock bottom” is a noose or a gun or a huge rip off some straight fetty powder.

Sorry but, if you aren't going to the restroom to hit a pipe or cook up a shot—or whatever, I’m trying to be poetic or something—or hitting a bottle of “water” or “juice” or whatever that isn’t water or juice or whatever; or blacking out and stealing a bunch of shit and dropping a mixtape on SoundCloud that’s just mumbling over a trap beat, you aren’t an addict. If you used to do that and got clean you’re maybe an addict emiritus. Idk shut up. Do whatever you want mang just don’t call yourself an addict to shit on other addicts; you know how much it fucking sucks to be here.

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I was into the Palestinian liberation movement before I was even a socialist (when I was 16 or whatever I was a Ron Paul gooner). It’s probably the thing that made me realize—oh damn, literally everything I’m being told about the world outside the imperial core is a fucking lie. I fucking saw the Jeffrey Epstein thing coming from a mile away—one of my former roommates dead ass woke me up to tell me the news and I lost my shit. *hot goth chick intern punts me in the back of my head with a broom stick* What I’m trying to get at here is, holy fuck I’ve become such an apathetic lazy coward. Time to fucking change that.

Death to Israel.

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Reality is becoming a fucking sitcom.

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I smoke meth and I’m smarter than this motherfucker.

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Friend of mine used to be friends with this dude named Chris (and yes, it’s that friend). They hung out every day for like two years. And then one day they were hanging out, and he, in their words (and they say it this exact way every time) “pulled his whole dick out.” They told him to fuck off, they gave him another chance after a couple months, aaaaand then he did it again. Then he started stalking them.

I wonder sometimes if the reason they never communicated things to me very well (i.e. why they never fucking told me they were uncomfortable with me following their Reddit account) is because they thought I would lose my shit or something.

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Ukraine dorks and anti-China dorks need to be thrown into the Lake of Fire.

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How the fuck can you not laugh? Homeboy got blown away by a tweaker zip gun.

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